Thursday, December 27, 2007

Santa's Great Escape

Christmas Eve was one heck of an adventure!! Christmas Eve, we sat down and watched "Christmas Story" together. Later hoping it might help the kids to relax I dug out the Christmas story book and blew the dust off the cover and made some hot chocolate. TV off, my hot chocolate getting cold on the end table, the kids and dh cup in hand and story book in mine, I read Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Time for bed! Excitetricity shooting through the air as they are tucked in and told to hurry and go to sleep so Santa will come (yes,I can hear the sound of our oldest son rolling his eyes at this from inside his bedroom!)LOL. Time for me to go and wrap presents that have been tucked away in my closet!! (dh debating about how to put the hamster under the tree)(another story there)!

Me wrapping presents at the foot of my bed, which hides the door crack under the door, you know the one I'm talking about, where the kids just can not resist looking under!! It's like a secret spy hole they just can not resist!! Presents wrapped, and what do we hear but a tiny whispery voice on the other side of the door saying " I heard hooves on the roof!"" They have been in bed now over an hour, and Tyler is still not asleep! Shoot! DH goes to stuff him back in bed. So 11:00 comes around and we are thinking surely he is asleep now!! So we go and take a peek in his room and upon peeking Tyler says "has Santa came yet?" SHOOT!! (still not asleep)!! We are really ready to put the gifts under the tree...but not yet!!! Midnight comes around....peek...he is finally asleep!! WHOOOHOO!! Stockings stuffed, present under the tree, (hamster wrapped but with many holes poked in wrapping paper) (so funny sitting that under the tree and hearing the hamster running on that wheel)LOL

3:00 am. Yes that is in the morning!! We hear the patter of 4 feet running in and out of the living room..(oh brother) dh gets up and tells them to get their butts back into bed!! Not much longer after that our youngest comes into our room...shining his flashlight into our faces..(we are starting to feel some bad words coming on) (but we are good parents so we only think them!) And informs us that his brother Tyler had been peeking at the gifts under the tree and told him that there was a hamster under the tree!! At this point, yep we wanted to wrap Tyler up in a pkg and send him to Alaska!! #1 for snooping....#2 for telling his brother what he saw under the tree..#3 for making our eyes look and feel like 2 burnt holes in a blanket!! The GRINCH WAS REARING HIS HEAD !!!

Long story shortened! Christmas morning our oldest opened his gifts first, while the 2 little ones watched, they had to wait to open their gifts till all the others were opened!! They got a lesson on patience Christmas morning!! LOL

Sneaky #1

Sneaky #2

Sleepy #1

Sleepy #2

Just Happy

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Here Comes Santa Claus....

Hard to believe Christmas is almost here! The years just seem to fly by anymore!

Almost totally done with the Christmas shopping, just have dh gift left to get. I never know what to get him, he is so hard to buy for!DH already has my gifts under the tree, 3 to be exact!! And one weights a TON!! And he gave me a hint, they are scrappy items!! OH BOY OH BOY!! I can't wait to tear into those packages!!

Today the boys get out of school at noon. The start of their Christmas vacation, the beginning of me not being able to keep the house clean!!! LOL And me spending ALOT of time in my scrappy room, so I cant see how much of a mess the house is in!

A bit of news that I'm really excited about!! After Christmas Im meeting with the owner (Diane) of Grants Pass, a scrapbook store in Poplar Bluff, about teaching some classes there!! I will share more info about that, after I get all the 411!! AWESOME!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Wow, it is really starting to feel like December outside!! Cold, and windy, maybe might get to see a few snow flurries?! I have started trying to figure out what all cookies and candy I want to make to give away as well as for us to consume (of course) ( waistbands expanding)!! I love baking and sharing!! This will give me a good start on adding a item to my Christmas Journal I made! Along of course with the decorating of the Christmas trees!
2 more days till the Christmas Party at Poplar Bluff! Yes I'm counting down the days!! LOL (story in older post)

My "studio" is almost done!! YAHHH! I have been decorating it today. Hanging some photographs I have taken, and things that I have made! The room is really becoming quite cozy! Not much longer and I will post some photos! Can't wait to share!!

Well time to go and walk on my "hamster wheel" for a while!! (aka-treadmill) So until next time!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Jingle Bells ~Jingle Bells~..

It is so hard to believe that Christmas is already almost here!!! Everything here is decorated for Christmas. We have 2 trees, a regular tree, and one of those pencil trees.
I wanted some popcorn strung for the pencil tree, so the kids were totally stoked and wanted to do this! After half a lrg bowl of popcorn crunched up on the floor, and many many feet later of popcorn garland....they were sick of it and starting to whine!! So myself and dh took our turns at it, and finished it up. It turned out rather cute once the tree was all decked out!

Now for that dh who does not have a clue what I want for Christmas, I thought I might leave him a little clue!! Cant get any easier than this!! (huge stamp set)

Just a fun little Christmas Journal!! I thought this would be great for putting in what the kids want for for Christmas this year, and what they actually got!!LOL ANd Christmas Dinner, and maybe a few recipes thrown in for good measure! Something we can look back on, and maybe the kids get a kick out of it as they get older and they get to see what they wanted for gifts!!

So looking forward to This coming Friday! It is time for my dh annual Christmas Party where he works! We always have so much fun, lots of food, games, gifts, and lets not forget those awesome Christmas bonuses!! The kids will be going to grandpas for an evening of pizza and movies! And my dad even told us we should go to the show and go see a movie after the Christmas Party! How often do you have a babysitter that tells you to say out and have a good time, not to rush it!! How cool is that!! So dh and myself are going to have just a grand evening!! tHINGS a small town,SAHM looks forward too!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

This is the new December kit from Moments To Remember!! I love this album!! I am going to have to get some more of these word albums they are alot of fun to bling out!! IF you would like to check out the kit her is the link

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day before Turkey Day...and all through the house...

The SMELL:p of pumpkin pie fills the house!!!!!! I love love pumpkin pie!! And not just any pumpkin pie, I have ONLY ever liked my pumpkin pies!! I like LOTS of sugar in my pie, if that pie ain't sweet I wont EAT!! lol And lots of spices!! YUM YUM!!

Update on scrappy room!! We painted the floor last night...and might I add it ROCKS!!! lOOKING AWESOME, MAN!! lol

Christmas cards, here is a shot of ones I have gotten made so far!! Hope to be making more in my "Scrap Room" real soon!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Do you have a scrappy room?? Uh, Yes!!

Last Friday we started building me a scrappy room...or if I want to sound like a "pro" lets call it a "Studio"!!! LOL The walls are all painted, have started putting up the cabinets, and we are going to paint the concrete floor tonight I think!! Now, I have got to come up with some fun FUNKY name to name my room!! No ideas yet, but I'm thinkin'!!
Now there is ONE problem, I cant seem to get in the mood to scrap sitting in the house at the table NOW!! I want to scrap in my "Studio"! LOL
My mojo has left this building and moved to the scrappy room....just got to get that puppy done!! (post pics when all done)

Ho Ho Ho!!!!!! Christmas Party

WOOHOO It's that time again at M2R........PARTY time!!!!!!

We hope that everyone will join us for some frosty good fun! There will be plenty of projects, games, and chatting to keep you feeling festive!

When: December 2nd
Where: M2R Party Thread
Time: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Attire: This year we would love to see something with BLING in your avatar!

Mark your calendar and plan to attend for fun, games, and lots of laughs!

All who attend will receive the Christmas party charm!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Today's Randomnas" LOL

Making Christmas cards:)

Getting grocery list ready for Thanksgiving :P

getting hair cut at 1:30 (love getting different styles)

Yesterday had lunch with dh went to Pizza Hut (not liking PH much anymore)

Yesterday also went to scrapbook store and bought some Christmas goodies!!

EXCITED!! DH is talking about starting to build my new scrappy room this weekend!!

Dh & oldest ds going deer hunting Saturday...they are going to FREEZE!!! lol

Can't wait eat Pumpkin Pie!! (I make a mean pumpkin pie!!)

Grandparents Day today at school!! My mom is going to both the boys (day)!!


Can't wait until the day after Thanksgiving!! I'm ready to decorate for Christmas!!

Entered one of my mini books to go into a Memory Makers idea book, fingers crossed!! Love Memory Makers stuff!!

Right now...watching Young & Restless, sitting at the kitchen table, covered in scrappy stuff:)

Sold our horses on Wednesday,no hay anywhere to buy to feed them for the winter, and what is for sale cost $100 a bale, normally only $20-25 bale!! Gona miss them! A guy bought them that has tons of land!! Looks (wrong) nothing being in the pasture.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy:) Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Kit at M2R !!

LIMITED QTY!!! You know you need it all!!! Victoria Chipboard (33 pieces), Double Sided Papers: Sweet Nothing 12x12 paper, Candy Girl 12x12 paper, Be Mine 12x12 paper, Honey Honey 12x12 paper, Heart Strings 12x12 paper, Strip Tease 12x12 paper, Hey Sugar Button Fashions, Hey Sugar Alpha Fashions, 2 Heidi Swapp Acrylic Pink Flowers, 3 Chipboard Shapes and 2 12" pieces of pink ribbon. Here is the link to this set!!

You have got to go and check out this kit!! It is just stunning!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ohh..No..I've Been Tagged!!! LOL

All right Debbie
from cropaddict I see ya got me!! Yep this is my first tag. Kim I do beleive she beat ya to it!!

Here are the rules of tagging that I am supposed to follow:

1. Link to your tagger, and also post these rules on your blog. Check see above

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. See Below

3. Tag 7 people at the end of you post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. See Below

4. Let them know they are TAGGED by leaving a comment on their blog. Done

My Seven Random Facts:

1. I'm 32 and have only ever had one job, and that was when I was like 14!!

2. For a year I was a vegetarian, this helped me loose weight, and changed my taste for foods that I like now.

3. I'm a huge list person, make list for everything, grocery, to do, ideas, I just love paper!! Hence the scrapbook addiction, ya think!! I could not be a tree hugger I love paper way too much!! Although I do love trees, we have bunches in our yard!!

4. I love to cook!! In another life I would have loved to be a chef, and maybe italian as well, why not!! LOL

5. I'm very compulsive!! If I get a idea for something I want to do it now!! Dont want to wait!!

6. Love John Travolta movies!! Disco days till now he is way hot!!! That man can cut a rug!! LOL

7. We have 3 boys, but I still love to look at the "girl" toys at WM. Barbies ect!!

My Taggers!!
Elsie Flannigan
Mara May
Nora Griffin

I survived being tagged!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

So Excited!! M2R

Im so excited I received an email from Valerie over at M2R asking if I wanted to stay on as a dt member until March!! It was suppose to be over end of November, and now I get to stay longer! WOOHOOO That just ROCKS!!!

Tomorrow is Baileys field trip to Biggs Family Farm, he is so excited, I was going to go with him, but a family thing came up so now I can not go, had to tell him, he was disappointed but he understood. I bought him a couple of disposable cameras for him to take photos with, seeing I'm not going to be able to be there, gotta have some photos to scrap !! He is excited about that part of it, that definitely helped with me not being able to go now!! Now I'll have to bribe dh to take us all there!! I was wanting to play in the huge corn field maze!!!!

Also I won a contest that I am so excited about!! I entered a LOve Elsie contest over on Have Your Way with Paper and I won a signed (on back) Elsie art print! Love it!! Thank you Wendi and the other girls on the site, and thank you Elsie Flannigan!!

For All You MOms Out There!!

This video is such a HOOT!! aLL YOU moms out there know how much we say the same thing over and over to our kids, and this comedian just made it a heck of alot easier. The video is below. This is her website.

Friday, October 5, 2007

M2R Halloween Party!!!!

Hey we are getting ready to have a Halloween Party!! Come on over and have a great time,games, challenges, and lots of fun!!! You are invited!!

WOOHOO it is that time of year again to join the M2R gang for a screaming Great time!

When: October 28th

Time: 6 p.m. EST to 9 p.m. EST

Where: M2R Message board-Party Thread

What to Bring: Snacks, drink of choice and earn a special charm for bringing a guest and they attend and participate!

Please wear your costume in your avatar spot and join in the fun, games, scrapping and contests!

Prizes will be awarded in several catagories for Costumes!

Don't be a ghoulish FREAK.....Mark your calendar and plan to attend!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Banson Here We Come!!

Today is my and dh 11th wedding aniversary!!! So we are getting ready to head out to Branson Mo for the weekend!!! Leaving out Friday morning, once the kids are on their way to school. Grandpa get the kids for the weekend. Hope to get some great photos, and hit some scrapbook stores along the way!!! Going to be way fun!!

Hey Valerie maybe we will run into each other while we are there!!!!!:) TTFN

Crack In a Cisis How-To

Here is the How-To that I sayed I would post!! ANy questions just ask!!

Project How-To: Crack In A Crisis

This is a great way to recycle, and get something way cute made in the process. I used a clamshell from We R Memory Keepers that some tags came in.

1. If the clamshell came with a cardboard insert use it as a template and trace the shape onto your paper for the background,and cut.

2. After cutting the background from the paper, I inked the edges of the paper to add some detail. I saved the negatives from cutting the background I used double-sided paper, so I just flipped it over and began doodling & embellishing the negatives.

3. My title "Crack In A Crisis" I doodled onto the negative. The "C" in Crisis is a rub-on placed on paper then cut out. Embellish, doodle, have fun.

This would make a fun gift, or change it up and make it birthday style using ribbon, maybe add some tiny b-day candles, the possibility's are endless!!

(note) Don't forget to close up your clamshell from time to time to make sure it will close up as you embellish. And yes that is a real Hershey bar in there, yum!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007

KungFoo Fighting!!!!!!

My TT Challenge for Moments To Remember. Its a doodle challenge, which are always fun!! This is the link go and check it out, particiapate. ANd check out all the other challenges there!!!

I need to play a game of catch up! I have been doing everything but hitting my own blog! I dug out my camera yesterday, fishing for some great photo shots and had fun, dont know about some of those shots though. The boys done some "Everybody was Kung Foo Fighting" which was a hoot.

And then we were just being goofy in the garage and taking shots!! Like a bunch of corn balls, we were!!!! LOL My Husband is going to die when he sees I put THIS ON HERE!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Ordered some scrapbook supplies yesterday.

today is suppose to be our last warm day before the cold front moves in, tomorrow the humidity is suppose to be gone.

I lOVe fall:)

Then I can open the windows;)

Scrapbooking makes me crazy giddy!!

Young & the Restless was very good today!

I love to doodle, so I have started a doodle journal, fill it full of ideas
for LO

I love paper, whether it is notebook paper scrappaper or the way a new book smells!

The boys will be home from school in a hour/ half.

Still have pj's on,gota love that:O

Doing laundry, but doesn't take as long since we got the new jumbo washer model!!

TVs on but nobodies watching it, it is my company sometimes during the day.

Whats on my scrapbook desk: phone,ideas notebook, doodle journal,pen,pencil,laptop.

Town is noisy today, even though we live in the country some days I can hear the traffic in town,whats weird is sometimes I go to town and there is like nobody around,and you wonder were all that vehicle noise is coming from???!!

Funny things kids say!!

I am always amazed at the funny things kids say. And be so serious about it! We were riding in the truck over the weekend and our oldest son was invited to a birthday party last month. Anyway the boy had gotten into trouble at home and his parents canceled his party.
So from the backseat our youngest pipes up and ask " So if they canceled his party is it still his birthday, or will he stay the same age he is?"
If only this was the case!! Wouldn't that be grand, I'm canceling my birthday party for next year, i DONT wANT TO gET ANY OLder!!!!

Our oldest son, Justus is in band. In the fall the parades start around here. He has one to march in at Cape this evening. He loves marching season! I think that is the only reason he is in band. If it wasn't for that he would want to quit, has wanted to quit quite a few times, the kids at school are not fans of the band teacher. From what I've heard he seems to have a bit of a temper.
Anyway after the parade the band kids are going to the fair. And will not be home till around 9:30 tonight. He is looking forward to that. This morning I had to stick the old crowbar in the wallet and give him some money for rides and eats. LOL.
The fair at Cape we normally don't go to, they are so high at the fair. We normally wait and take the kids to the stoddard county fair, it is this month as well, and Justus marches in this parade there.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Birthday Card

Saturday is Robins (owner of M2R) birthday. So all the girls are making her birthday
cards to sender her. The photos above is the one I made. It is made from chipboard.
It turned ou really cute.

M2R is now up and running, they were having server problems. Now all is good. And here is the link . Drop in a say hi.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Scrapin' Happily

Well, so far so good!! I have finished 3 of my items for the M2R DT. "Let me Tell You", the one posted below is for one of my doodle challenges that I'm if any of you M2R girls are lurking here, no peaking!! The other two items will have to wait until I get them posted at M2R before they make their debut here.

I was very nervous when all the schedules started coming into my email, but once I got started..NO PROBLEM!!!! TOO MUCH FUN!!

If anyone is interested I have a project/how to that I have made for the M2R newsletter for SEpt 21 after it is released I will post it on here for anyone who might be interested. It is a fun project, I guess you could call it an altered item!!

M2R (Moments 2 Remember) is working on getting a all new site up and running, so as soon as that is finished I will post a link here, and you can come and look around and maybe say Hi!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Let me Tell you Something, Boys are Cool and Girls just Drewl !! "says the LO"

Labor Day labor going on here, just kicking back:) And relaxing!! Been doin, some scrapping as well, chatting it up on the message boards that I love to visit!!
I have became totally addicted to surfing all the kit clubs out there!! There is like tons of them, out there. It is so wild!!

We bought a laptop over the weekend, that keyboard is so different from the desktop model, right now on that thing I couldn't spell a word right to save my life!! I.m going to wear out the spell check button :0 before I get a chance to become use to the keyboard!!

Here is something totally a hoot but not really too! Our oldest some has a thing for junk, loves it, is totally fascinated with it!! Well this weekend he found some old tractor steering wheel out in our pasture, and of course the child just had to have it, bless his heart, I know he can't help it, he loves junk!! Well , THIS is the AFTER and BEFORE shots, as you can tell he is not too happy with the after shot!! He has a bad case of the old itchy weeds( aka poison ivy ). And yes I'm sure you are wondering but, yep that is one of my headbands on his head,and nope he was not to happy about wearing it while I doctored his face. Let this be a lesson for those that love junk!!

(after weekend is over this one is probably going to have to go to the doc and get a ol' shot in the bottom )

He says " this has broke me of my evil junking ways"!!!

Mom: We shall see!! My little darling we shall see!! maugh!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm on a DT...cha cha cha cha!

I'm so excited, I can't believe I have finally made it onto a DT! I received a email from Robin at [Moments 2 Remember] today saying I was one of the ones chosen, I like to have fell out of my chair!! I fill like such a ROCK STAR!!!

I can't wait to see who all else was chosen as well. It is just too darn exciting;) As soon as I know more, I will have to go bloggen some more. Oh, and I get my very own, personal, bright and shiny Blinke!! What perks,I gota tell ya.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sara our {other child}..

For mothers day my husband bought me a sweet little Silke Terrier. Seeing I'm the only female in the house, I just had to have the little girl. She is the cuutest little thing that you ever did see, but I have got to tell you, it is like having another toddler in the house!

She is totally in love with anything shreddable! Which is driving me nuts. At night I put her in the bathroom to sleep, she has one of those doggy bed things in there, otherwise she cries standing beside the bed all night, and I get up the next morning on the wrong side of the bed {if you know what I mean}. Any who, this dog could be an alarm clock, you could set your morning by her bladder let me tell ya, about 6:30 everymorning she starts to whine, cause she has got to tinkle,NOW, and she even does one of those little dances like the kids do when they have got to go!! Any who, I drag myself out of the bed, open the bathroom door and....OH...MY...GOSH..JUMPIN...JELLYBEANS.. that dog has gotten into the bathroom cabinet and has TOTALLY made confetti out of a whole ...brand new...package of toilet paper. And of course she just looks up at me setting on her little fanny with the look of {what?} on her face.

She can find a single piece of bubble gum paper and shred it up, and you are thinking how is that EVEN possable, to make that much of a mess from that!? Now my husband says if she is chewing on something pick it up and give her a little swat on the bottom with it, and that will stop her from chewing on that stuff...

Well that is fine..but I dont think throwing confetti at her is going to accomplish much..HELLO!!

and right now she just tried chewing on the corner of the computer desk, oh I could just see me trying to pick up this enormess desk and trying to give her a swat on the bottom with that!! Would't that be a sight! LOL

Anyway if I could bottle some of the essence of this sweet little dog, my new companion, since all of my babys are now in school, I could make a small fortune to these here party companys!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cup runith over..

When we were at the Homecoming, watching the boys ride the rides, I had one of those slow motion, cup runnith over, tear in my eye moments.

Bailey and Tyler were riding this ride called the Scrambler, and as anyone knows this thing really books it!! Those two were having the time of their lives, Laughing it up, smashed against each other..actually not fighting, for a change. In that moment the Scrambler seemed to be moving in this slow motion picture movie kind of way and all I seen and all I heard was the laughs and smiles of just those two boys. For some reason, even though they had rode that ride amillion times already, for some reason I had this dawning hit me like a ton of bricks..I wanted that moment seared into my brain, I wanted that moment to last for ever.

In my everyday life as a stay at home mom, they always do cute things, and then you have those times when, you want to slap a POSTAGE STAMP on their forehead and send them to Africa!!
But occasionally you have those moments that you never want to forget. Your mind wants to take a photo, to capture that in your memories. I love those moments.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Yep, I'm at it again..

I know I know I said I was'nt going to try out for DT for a while....but I just can't resist. I want this so bad I can taste it. I'm working on e-mails, for the try outs now. Crossing all crossable body parts!! God Bless

Back to School..

Time to go and buy school shoes, for the boys, which I detest doing, they are worse than a bunch of girls trying to decide on what shoes they want, and you kn0ow they always pick the most expensive pair on the rack, which they know I'm going to say no to, because yes for a couple of weeks they will stay all shiny and new, until they see that pond in our yard all sparkly, beckoning one of them to step in...IN THEIR NEW SHOES, which totally drives me nuts! Any hoo, first we went to Goodys, would you believe the kids shoes had been picked through by vultures, and someone had decied to steal a pair of shoes, I open up a shoe box expecting to see a shinny pair of new shoes..instead this stench floats out of the box, and low and behold someone performed a shoe swap, those were some very funky shoes in that box. Shame Shame. Anyway we wound up at Payless, were the name can be a misconception, and after much bickering we settled on some shoes....phew I survived.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What fun it is!

We were at the our local fair last hot, the bank sign sayed 102 degrees. The boys had a ball riding all those rides, they were bellering like a bunch of wild banchees!! Oh, the smells at the fair are just the greatest, they can take you back to being a kid, and remembering all the excitement of your parents taking you to the fair. Cotton candy, burgers , corndogs, candied apples. Yum

The greatest is I took some pretty cool photos, I love the one at the top, it appears as if that ride is totally going to go into orbit! We are going to go again another night, have to see if I can get some photos of the square dancers. Every night the have this huge squaredance floor, and everynight no matter how HOT it is out there if you can dose E doe they are out there dancing{ it is too cute watching the little kids get out there and dance.