Thursday, September 27, 2007

Banson Here We Come!!

Today is my and dh 11th wedding aniversary!!! So we are getting ready to head out to Branson Mo for the weekend!!! Leaving out Friday morning, once the kids are on their way to school. Grandpa get the kids for the weekend. Hope to get some great photos, and hit some scrapbook stores along the way!!! Going to be way fun!!

Hey Valerie maybe we will run into each other while we are there!!!!!:) TTFN

Crack In a Cisis How-To

Here is the How-To that I sayed I would post!! ANy questions just ask!!

Project How-To: Crack In A Crisis

This is a great way to recycle, and get something way cute made in the process. I used a clamshell from We R Memory Keepers that some tags came in.

1. If the clamshell came with a cardboard insert use it as a template and trace the shape onto your paper for the background,and cut.

2. After cutting the background from the paper, I inked the edges of the paper to add some detail. I saved the negatives from cutting the background I used double-sided paper, so I just flipped it over and began doodling & embellishing the negatives.

3. My title "Crack In A Crisis" I doodled onto the negative. The "C" in Crisis is a rub-on placed on paper then cut out. Embellish, doodle, have fun.

This would make a fun gift, or change it up and make it birthday style using ribbon, maybe add some tiny b-day candles, the possibility's are endless!!

(note) Don't forget to close up your clamshell from time to time to make sure it will close up as you embellish. And yes that is a real Hershey bar in there, yum!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007

KungFoo Fighting!!!!!!

My TT Challenge for Moments To Remember. Its a doodle challenge, which are always fun!! This is the link go and check it out, particiapate. ANd check out all the other challenges there!!!

I need to play a game of catch up! I have been doing everything but hitting my own blog! I dug out my camera yesterday, fishing for some great photo shots and had fun, dont know about some of those shots though. The boys done some "Everybody was Kung Foo Fighting" which was a hoot.

And then we were just being goofy in the garage and taking shots!! Like a bunch of corn balls, we were!!!! LOL My Husband is going to die when he sees I put THIS ON HERE!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Ordered some scrapbook supplies yesterday.

today is suppose to be our last warm day before the cold front moves in, tomorrow the humidity is suppose to be gone.

I lOVe fall:)

Then I can open the windows;)

Scrapbooking makes me crazy giddy!!

Young & the Restless was very good today!

I love to doodle, so I have started a doodle journal, fill it full of ideas
for LO

I love paper, whether it is notebook paper scrappaper or the way a new book smells!

The boys will be home from school in a hour/ half.

Still have pj's on,gota love that:O

Doing laundry, but doesn't take as long since we got the new jumbo washer model!!

TVs on but nobodies watching it, it is my company sometimes during the day.

Whats on my scrapbook desk: phone,ideas notebook, doodle journal,pen,pencil,laptop.

Town is noisy today, even though we live in the country some days I can hear the traffic in town,whats weird is sometimes I go to town and there is like nobody around,and you wonder were all that vehicle noise is coming from???!!

Funny things kids say!!

I am always amazed at the funny things kids say. And be so serious about it! We were riding in the truck over the weekend and our oldest son was invited to a birthday party last month. Anyway the boy had gotten into trouble at home and his parents canceled his party.
So from the backseat our youngest pipes up and ask " So if they canceled his party is it still his birthday, or will he stay the same age he is?"
If only this was the case!! Wouldn't that be grand, I'm canceling my birthday party for next year, i DONT wANT TO gET ANY OLder!!!!

Our oldest son, Justus is in band. In the fall the parades start around here. He has one to march in at Cape this evening. He loves marching season! I think that is the only reason he is in band. If it wasn't for that he would want to quit, has wanted to quit quite a few times, the kids at school are not fans of the band teacher. From what I've heard he seems to have a bit of a temper.
Anyway after the parade the band kids are going to the fair. And will not be home till around 9:30 tonight. He is looking forward to that. This morning I had to stick the old crowbar in the wallet and give him some money for rides and eats. LOL.
The fair at Cape we normally don't go to, they are so high at the fair. We normally wait and take the kids to the stoddard county fair, it is this month as well, and Justus marches in this parade there.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Birthday Card

Saturday is Robins (owner of M2R) birthday. So all the girls are making her birthday
cards to sender her. The photos above is the one I made. It is made from chipboard.
It turned ou really cute.

M2R is now up and running, they were having server problems. Now all is good. And here is the link . Drop in a say hi.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Scrapin' Happily

Well, so far so good!! I have finished 3 of my items for the M2R DT. "Let me Tell You", the one posted below is for one of my doodle challenges that I'm if any of you M2R girls are lurking here, no peaking!! The other two items will have to wait until I get them posted at M2R before they make their debut here.

I was very nervous when all the schedules started coming into my email, but once I got started..NO PROBLEM!!!! TOO MUCH FUN!!

If anyone is interested I have a project/how to that I have made for the M2R newsletter for SEpt 21 after it is released I will post it on here for anyone who might be interested. It is a fun project, I guess you could call it an altered item!!

M2R (Moments 2 Remember) is working on getting a all new site up and running, so as soon as that is finished I will post a link here, and you can come and look around and maybe say Hi!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Let me Tell you Something, Boys are Cool and Girls just Drewl !! "says the LO"

Labor Day labor going on here, just kicking back:) And relaxing!! Been doin, some scrapping as well, chatting it up on the message boards that I love to visit!!
I have became totally addicted to surfing all the kit clubs out there!! There is like tons of them, out there. It is so wild!!

We bought a laptop over the weekend, that keyboard is so different from the desktop model, right now on that thing I couldn't spell a word right to save my life!! I.m going to wear out the spell check button :0 before I get a chance to become use to the keyboard!!

Here is something totally a hoot but not really too! Our oldest some has a thing for junk, loves it, is totally fascinated with it!! Well this weekend he found some old tractor steering wheel out in our pasture, and of course the child just had to have it, bless his heart, I know he can't help it, he loves junk!! Well , THIS is the AFTER and BEFORE shots, as you can tell he is not too happy with the after shot!! He has a bad case of the old itchy weeds( aka poison ivy ). And yes I'm sure you are wondering but, yep that is one of my headbands on his head,and nope he was not to happy about wearing it while I doctored his face. Let this be a lesson for those that love junk!!

(after weekend is over this one is probably going to have to go to the doc and get a ol' shot in the bottom )

He says " this has broke me of my evil junking ways"!!!

Mom: We shall see!! My little darling we shall see!! maugh!!!