Sunday, September 2, 2007

Let me Tell you Something, Boys are Cool and Girls just Drewl !! "says the LO"

Labor Day labor going on here, just kicking back:) And relaxing!! Been doin, some scrapping as well, chatting it up on the message boards that I love to visit!!
I have became totally addicted to surfing all the kit clubs out there!! There is like tons of them, out there. It is so wild!!

We bought a laptop over the weekend, that keyboard is so different from the desktop model, right now on that thing I couldn't spell a word right to save my life!! I.m going to wear out the spell check button :0 before I get a chance to become use to the keyboard!!

Here is something totally a hoot but not really too! Our oldest some has a thing for junk, loves it, is totally fascinated with it!! Well this weekend he found some old tractor steering wheel out in our pasture, and of course the child just had to have it, bless his heart, I know he can't help it, he loves junk!! Well , THIS is the AFTER and BEFORE shots, as you can tell he is not too happy with the after shot!! He has a bad case of the old itchy weeds( aka poison ivy ). And yes I'm sure you are wondering but, yep that is one of my headbands on his head,and nope he was not to happy about wearing it while I doctored his face. Let this be a lesson for those that love junk!!

(after weekend is over this one is probably going to have to go to the doc and get a ol' shot in the bottom )

He says " this has broke me of my evil junking ways"!!!

Mom: We shall see!! My little darling we shall see!! maugh!!!

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