Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall happenings..

Bought a pontoon boat on our last camping trip on Aug 23…our first boat.

Ordered baby chicks,25 to be exact from McMurray Hatchery

Tyler's in band for 6th grade and is going to play drums. So we had to rent his instrument for now..but he starts on bells and works up to playing the drums, he is excited, we woke up this morning to the sound of him playing the bells…thank goodness it isn't the drums just yet ;)

we went out on the boat yesterday from 9:30am to 4:20, and the lake is way down so everyone was swimming on the sand bar out in the middle, including us. it was a hopping place.

I’m suppose to be studying my algebra, but I can’t focus till I do this!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

School anxiety ….

I can feel the end of summer anxiety rearing its ugly, ugly head!! What do I want to do before school starts back on the 17th… what do I need to get done before that day gets here!!

It is RUSHING in at Nano speeds…

I go back to college the 17th, the boys go back to school the 18th!!

Homework stress will soon be here….

Right now have apples from off our apple trees on the dehydrator, yum!!  (no pics feeling lazy)

We went to the Puxico Homecoming last night, it was hot, Bailey rode the mechanical bull, that was a hoot!!

Had a funnel cake…. $5.00 bucks for a funnel cake!! And they are shrinking!! LOL

And the squaredance band was there in full swing and they started playing Boil the Cabbages on the fiddles…… and I was like

Dude, I know how to totally play that on my violin”!!  COOL BEANS

and so can Bailey!!  Bailey was like… “We totally need to get up there and play that”!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vacation gone….

Time flies when your having fun! How cliché' is that! From the 29th to the 2nd we went to Branson, again!! I had to tell hubby that we are going somewhere new next year!!

DSC_2794 copy

Not that I dont love pigging out at the Krispy Kreme, everytime we we seen this light on… but I dont know how much more my waistband could take it!!

DSC_2786 copy

Or his…

DSC_2790 copy

This is just tooooo hard to pass by….

DSC_2799 copy

DSC_2801 copy

Please excuse these here children.. with them standing by the General Lee and me telling them to smile at the same time was just to much for them to take.. hence the facial expressions…

DSC_2824 copy

Cool place…course I guess it has to be so the peeps dont melt..ha ha

DSC_2808 copy

King Kong has came to visit them.. fortunately he is NOT made of wax.. can you imagine the mess he would make melting!!

DSC_2850 copy

DSC_2873 copy

Fog down by The Landing… not a really bad pic!

DSC_2892 copy

This is after the fog lifted.. we ate  dinner here, and dinner here another night, VERY good food!!

DSC_2903 copy

Tyler standing in front of the building… I told him to smile… I got nuthin’  lol


Bailey too… I got the cheese grin from him… boys!!

DSC_2934 copy

I love this pic.. I have that song… “sitting on the dock by the bay” running through my head….     (Bay and Jimmy)

DSC_2939 copy

another foggy pic..

DSC_3029 copy

DSC_3041 copy

DSC_3535 copy

Yep.. we rode this…umm NOT.. we were totally wusses! This was at Silver Dollar City. We did ride a roller coaster though it was called Thunderation.

DSC_3551 copy

DSC_3556 copy

Dr. Yank M. Wrightout… haha!! One of the many amusing signs at Silver Dollar City.

DSC_3587 copy

Barn swing makes your knees knock!!

DSC_3617 copy

The boys right there in front… we were working up to the “real” rollercoasters!!

DSC_3671 copy

MOM!! No more pictures… but see him peeking, I know he really like me taking pictures!!

DSC_3681 copy

Amphitheatre at Silver Dollar City! The GAC was there, it was great show!

DSC_3716 copy

DSC_3685 copy

On our way home we stopped and seen this….

DSC_3755 copy

DSC_3757 copy