Friday, November 16, 2007

Today's Randomnas" LOL

Making Christmas cards:)

Getting grocery list ready for Thanksgiving :P

getting hair cut at 1:30 (love getting different styles)

Yesterday had lunch with dh went to Pizza Hut (not liking PH much anymore)

Yesterday also went to scrapbook store and bought some Christmas goodies!!

EXCITED!! DH is talking about starting to build my new scrappy room this weekend!!

Dh & oldest ds going deer hunting Saturday...they are going to FREEZE!!! lol

Can't wait eat Pumpkin Pie!! (I make a mean pumpkin pie!!)

Grandparents Day today at school!! My mom is going to both the boys (day)!!


Can't wait until the day after Thanksgiving!! I'm ready to decorate for Christmas!!

Entered one of my mini books to go into a Memory Makers idea book, fingers crossed!! Love Memory Makers stuff!!

Right now...watching Young & Restless, sitting at the kitchen table, covered in scrappy stuff:)

Sold our horses on Wednesday,no hay anywhere to buy to feed them for the winter, and what is for sale cost $100 a bale, normally only $20-25 bale!! Gona miss them! A guy bought them that has tons of land!! Looks (wrong) nothing being in the pasture.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy:) Thanksgiving!!!

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MsGrace said...

I am looking forward to pumkin pie too. Sorry about the horses.

have a fabulous Thanksgiving!