Thursday, February 21, 2008

Au Naturale LO

Dreaming of Spring

I'm Dreaming of those warm and sunny days in spring, sitting out in my yard at the picnic table with a huge glass of sweet tea and a really good book.

What fun!! I love making cards, I personally just have trouble giving them away!! LOL I am so ready for spring that it will not ever get here soon enough! I'm ready to go out in my yard and work in the gardens and sit out in the yard and listen to the birds sing, they always seem to be the loudest as it is warming up outside. Listening to the kids "actually" play outside before they start complaining that it is too hot out, which around here it does not take too long for that! LOL

Stepping back into reality for a moment, school is closed today, yep, again, it is sleeting outside and my thermometer says it is 10 YES 10 degrees outside! Can you say BURRRR!!! And you wonder why I'm dreaming of a warm spring day.....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Class was a BLAST ;P

Saturday the 16th was my first scrapbook class to teach!! What fun it was;P And a even bigger surprise was to discover that one of the ladies that took my acrylic book class I had went to school with! Kewl, huh!

Not only did the ladies in the class learn to use that acrylic in class, I learned something about myself as well, I use to be TERRIFIED to have to stand up in front of people and do anything!! But at the class, of course I was a little nervous, but I found I had a great bunch of ladies sitting at the tables, no reason to be nervous!! CLASS WAS A BLAST lol!! aNd lookiNG FORard TO the NeXT!

Things I'm doing today.....

working on LO"S to do for a class.

Spring Cards for a class done!! (check)

Laundry...and laundry..

wishing for spring...(ready to garden)( and tired of being cold!)

and trying hard to stick to grounding our youngest boy today, that little booger thought...well..I dont know what he thought..but to makes a long story short, Bailey went into Justus's room and tore up his stereo speaker. He has been being good about staying in his room...all far.. he even told his brother he was sorry..why kids do the things they do...he is 6yrs and in first grade, so for him staying in his room and telling the truth that he was the one who did it, I am very proud of you Bay!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It is OFFICIAL the ice storm has just taken out our electric!!! Luckily we have a fireplace for heat....unfortunatly we have to go out and split wood!!(darn our laziness)!!

Plus side at least my battery was charged on my laptop;)

Just a little mention here I came across a website earlier, Pink Paislee, and they have some of the CUTIEST scrappy items. I seen a alot of must haves there!! I would love to get ahold of some of their products!!!

My class I'm going to be teaching is fast approching!! Saturday at 10am at Grants Pass, going to be so much fun, if you havent signed up...hurry!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Snowee Snow kind of day!

It snowed!! Lots and lots of snow!! I would much rather have the snow over the rain any day during the winter!! The winter scene was taken from our living room pretty!! Bailey with his Snow Sickle!! LOL