Thursday, December 27, 2007

Santa's Great Escape

Christmas Eve was one heck of an adventure!! Christmas Eve, we sat down and watched "Christmas Story" together. Later hoping it might help the kids to relax I dug out the Christmas story book and blew the dust off the cover and made some hot chocolate. TV off, my hot chocolate getting cold on the end table, the kids and dh cup in hand and story book in mine, I read Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Time for bed! Excitetricity shooting through the air as they are tucked in and told to hurry and go to sleep so Santa will come (yes,I can hear the sound of our oldest son rolling his eyes at this from inside his bedroom!)LOL. Time for me to go and wrap presents that have been tucked away in my closet!! (dh debating about how to put the hamster under the tree)(another story there)!

Me wrapping presents at the foot of my bed, which hides the door crack under the door, you know the one I'm talking about, where the kids just can not resist looking under!! It's like a secret spy hole they just can not resist!! Presents wrapped, and what do we hear but a tiny whispery voice on the other side of the door saying " I heard hooves on the roof!"" They have been in bed now over an hour, and Tyler is still not asleep! Shoot! DH goes to stuff him back in bed. So 11:00 comes around and we are thinking surely he is asleep now!! So we go and take a peek in his room and upon peeking Tyler says "has Santa came yet?" SHOOT!! (still not asleep)!! We are really ready to put the gifts under the tree...but not yet!!! Midnight comes around....peek...he is finally asleep!! WHOOOHOO!! Stockings stuffed, present under the tree, (hamster wrapped but with many holes poked in wrapping paper) (so funny sitting that under the tree and hearing the hamster running on that wheel)LOL

3:00 am. Yes that is in the morning!! We hear the patter of 4 feet running in and out of the living room..(oh brother) dh gets up and tells them to get their butts back into bed!! Not much longer after that our youngest comes into our room...shining his flashlight into our faces..(we are starting to feel some bad words coming on) (but we are good parents so we only think them!) And informs us that his brother Tyler had been peeking at the gifts under the tree and told him that there was a hamster under the tree!! At this point, yep we wanted to wrap Tyler up in a pkg and send him to Alaska!! #1 for snooping....#2 for telling his brother what he saw under the tree..#3 for making our eyes look and feel like 2 burnt holes in a blanket!! The GRINCH WAS REARING HIS HEAD !!!

Long story shortened! Christmas morning our oldest opened his gifts first, while the 2 little ones watched, they had to wait to open their gifts till all the others were opened!! They got a lesson on patience Christmas morning!! LOL

Sneaky #1

Sneaky #2

Sleepy #1

Sleepy #2

Just Happy

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Here Comes Santa Claus....

Hard to believe Christmas is almost here! The years just seem to fly by anymore!

Almost totally done with the Christmas shopping, just have dh gift left to get. I never know what to get him, he is so hard to buy for!DH already has my gifts under the tree, 3 to be exact!! And one weights a TON!! And he gave me a hint, they are scrappy items!! OH BOY OH BOY!! I can't wait to tear into those packages!!

Today the boys get out of school at noon. The start of their Christmas vacation, the beginning of me not being able to keep the house clean!!! LOL And me spending ALOT of time in my scrappy room, so I cant see how much of a mess the house is in!

A bit of news that I'm really excited about!! After Christmas Im meeting with the owner (Diane) of Grants Pass, a scrapbook store in Poplar Bluff, about teaching some classes there!! I will share more info about that, after I get all the 411!! AWESOME!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Wow, it is really starting to feel like December outside!! Cold, and windy, maybe might get to see a few snow flurries?! I have started trying to figure out what all cookies and candy I want to make to give away as well as for us to consume (of course) ( waistbands expanding)!! I love baking and sharing!! This will give me a good start on adding a item to my Christmas Journal I made! Along of course with the decorating of the Christmas trees!
2 more days till the Christmas Party at Poplar Bluff! Yes I'm counting down the days!! LOL (story in older post)

My "studio" is almost done!! YAHHH! I have been decorating it today. Hanging some photographs I have taken, and things that I have made! The room is really becoming quite cozy! Not much longer and I will post some photos! Can't wait to share!!

Well time to go and walk on my "hamster wheel" for a while!! (aka-treadmill) So until next time!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Jingle Bells ~Jingle Bells~..

It is so hard to believe that Christmas is already almost here!!! Everything here is decorated for Christmas. We have 2 trees, a regular tree, and one of those pencil trees.
I wanted some popcorn strung for the pencil tree, so the kids were totally stoked and wanted to do this! After half a lrg bowl of popcorn crunched up on the floor, and many many feet later of popcorn garland....they were sick of it and starting to whine!! So myself and dh took our turns at it, and finished it up. It turned out rather cute once the tree was all decked out!

Now for that dh who does not have a clue what I want for Christmas, I thought I might leave him a little clue!! Cant get any easier than this!! (huge stamp set)

Just a fun little Christmas Journal!! I thought this would be great for putting in what the kids want for for Christmas this year, and what they actually got!!LOL ANd Christmas Dinner, and maybe a few recipes thrown in for good measure! Something we can look back on, and maybe the kids get a kick out of it as they get older and they get to see what they wanted for gifts!!

So looking forward to This coming Friday! It is time for my dh annual Christmas Party where he works! We always have so much fun, lots of food, games, gifts, and lets not forget those awesome Christmas bonuses!! The kids will be going to grandpas for an evening of pizza and movies! And my dad even told us we should go to the show and go see a movie after the Christmas Party! How often do you have a babysitter that tells you to say out and have a good time, not to rush it!! How cool is that!! So dh and myself are going to have just a grand evening!! tHINGS a small town,SAHM looks forward too!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

This is the new December kit from Moments To Remember!! I love this album!! I am going to have to get some more of these word albums they are alot of fun to bling out!! IF you would like to check out the kit her is the link