Thursday, October 18, 2007

So Excited!! M2R

Im so excited I received an email from Valerie over at M2R asking if I wanted to stay on as a dt member until March!! It was suppose to be over end of November, and now I get to stay longer! WOOHOOO That just ROCKS!!!

Tomorrow is Baileys field trip to Biggs Family Farm, he is so excited, I was going to go with him, but a family thing came up so now I can not go, had to tell him, he was disappointed but he understood. I bought him a couple of disposable cameras for him to take photos with, seeing I'm not going to be able to be there, gotta have some photos to scrap !! He is excited about that part of it, that definitely helped with me not being able to go now!! Now I'll have to bribe dh to take us all there!! I was wanting to play in the huge corn field maze!!!!

Also I won a contest that I am so excited about!! I entered a LOve Elsie contest over on Have Your Way with Paper and I won a signed (on back) Elsie art print! Love it!! Thank you Wendi and the other girls on the site, and thank you Elsie Flannigan!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Alicia! :)

PS you're tagged. Visit my blog to see how and why.
debbie from crop addict

Croppycatter said...

Durnnit Debbie...I'm tagging her!!! heeheeee....: )

Michelle Lanning said...

cool awesome!!!

ishadow said...

congrats on the win!!! enjoy!