Monday, December 3, 2007

Jingle Bells ~Jingle Bells~..

It is so hard to believe that Christmas is already almost here!!! Everything here is decorated for Christmas. We have 2 trees, a regular tree, and one of those pencil trees.
I wanted some popcorn strung for the pencil tree, so the kids were totally stoked and wanted to do this! After half a lrg bowl of popcorn crunched up on the floor, and many many feet later of popcorn garland....they were sick of it and starting to whine!! So myself and dh took our turns at it, and finished it up. It turned out rather cute once the tree was all decked out!

Now for that dh who does not have a clue what I want for Christmas, I thought I might leave him a little clue!! Cant get any easier than this!! (huge stamp set)

Just a fun little Christmas Journal!! I thought this would be great for putting in what the kids want for for Christmas this year, and what they actually got!!LOL ANd Christmas Dinner, and maybe a few recipes thrown in for good measure! Something we can look back on, and maybe the kids get a kick out of it as they get older and they get to see what they wanted for gifts!!

So looking forward to This coming Friday! It is time for my dh annual Christmas Party where he works! We always have so much fun, lots of food, games, gifts, and lets not forget those awesome Christmas bonuses!! The kids will be going to grandpas for an evening of pizza and movies! And my dad even told us we should go to the show and go see a movie after the Christmas Party! How often do you have a babysitter that tells you to say out and have a good time, not to rush it!! How cool is that!! So dh and myself are going to have just a grand evening!! tHINGS a small town,SAHM looks forward too!!

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