Monday, September 10, 2007


Ordered some scrapbook supplies yesterday.

today is suppose to be our last warm day before the cold front moves in, tomorrow the humidity is suppose to be gone.

I lOVe fall:)

Then I can open the windows;)

Scrapbooking makes me crazy giddy!!

Young & the Restless was very good today!

I love to doodle, so I have started a doodle journal, fill it full of ideas
for LO

I love paper, whether it is notebook paper scrappaper or the way a new book smells!

The boys will be home from school in a hour/ half.

Still have pj's on,gota love that:O

Doing laundry, but doesn't take as long since we got the new jumbo washer model!!

TVs on but nobodies watching it, it is my company sometimes during the day.

Whats on my scrapbook desk: phone,ideas notebook, doodle journal,pen,pencil,laptop.

Town is noisy today, even though we live in the country some days I can hear the traffic in town,whats weird is sometimes I go to town and there is like nobody around,and you wonder were all that vehicle noise is coming from???!!

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