Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Flashback to 2008

winter1 (60) copy

Let it snow,let it snow, let it snow…..this was the first “nice” snow of 2008. I remember it well!! 

The boys had been out planning in the snow, sledding down the hill. Tyler had come running into the house, I would have thought his pants were on fire the way he came running. It turned out that Bailey had taken his gloves off while they were out sledding, and Bailey was crying  outside and would not move.

So me being the awesome mama that I am ;)  I ran out to see what was going on, and sure enough there Bay stood in the snow holding his hands in the air in a full out what I term an “ugly cry”!!  Between the sobs he tells me his hands hurt really bad, (they are beet red}!!  Very beet red!! He was still small then, I could pick him up and carry him, throw him over my shoulder like a sack of tators!! I picked up tator and carried him to the house where I wrapped him all up in a blanket and held him, like my sweet sack of tators that he is!!!  Then comes warm…cozy….nap!!

To the current, snow is on the weather menu for tonight!!!  So snow would equal= no school, cold kids, hot chocolate, and lets not forget mopping snow=water out of the floor off and on all day!!! Oh lets not forget wet socks!! Bliss

Happiness in a Shutter :)

DSC_0781 copy

He has the most pretty freckles…..

DSC_0667 copy

I am so proud of you!! You have the heart of a lion.

DSC_0665 copy

You are alot like me..goofy, trustworthy, self-conscience, a do-gooder.

DSC_0767 copy3 

You have a heart of gold!

DSC_0757 copy1

You would give your shirt off your back to someone in need.

DSC_0761 copy

You look like your daddy, and you are soft hearted just like me, we can be saps together anytime darlin’……..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All in the family…..

DSC_0689 copy

This is my little dog, named Sara, who as you can see,… has issues.

1. This is the response I received when I told her she needed a bath, that she was smelling like a dog!! (I wouldn’t know why she would smell like a dog)

2. She is addicted to Milk Bone Breath Busters….(lucky for me) even though she totally denies this addiction!! (as she's chewing)

3. This dog winks!! Yes I said winks….she will stare at you and when you look at her she will wink…..totally freaks us out!

4. She loves to ride in the truck, but before I let her get in she has to “go potty” and if she doesn't have to go she gives a “courtesy pee”, she is so thoughtful!

5. She is a “nuggler” ….aka snuggler. (Hmm my spell check says this is not a word, my spell check does not live in my world.) PS..she is glued to my hip now as I type, however she is not happy cause she doesn't like my lap top…she thinks that is her spot!!

6. She also helps clean house!! She loves to “vacuum” under the dinner table when the boys are eating, again, she is so thoughtful!!!

7. She also threw up under my bed once..and came out with her tail tucked…she felt so bad for messing up my carpet…(just keepin’ it real people) 

8. She is my fur baby girl…….in a house ruled by testosterone!!!!!!!!!

A Few words from Bailey….

I want to go ride horses and i am go with my grandpa  to the movies then go out to eat. This is going to be fun!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Hmm its a New Year, and yet I woke this morning with ice still on our pond!! Darn I hoped  New Year..winter **be gone**!!

I’m not a resolution kind of gal, I’m too…spontaneous… yea lets call it spontaneous!!

My New Years Eve was spent watching Food Networks Next Big Star. It was one of those marathon ones that was on, and you find yourself totally transfixed and obsessed, that who knows what one of the kids came and asked me if they could have or do something last night and I agreed to it!! (can I eat this stick of butter?) (can I have a 4 wheeler?) 

Some of those shows are evil I say, pure evil!! And Food Network sure is because you just cant watch  that station without throwing something down your pie hole!

So I had to make a trip to the store for some junk food! Whoppers, Milk Duds, Chex Mix, and Nutter Butters, mixed all together united in one big happy marriage!! Yum Yum, some sweet some salty we were all happy!! Except Tyler who does not like Whoppers…he is just not right, but hay, gota love him!!

So how was your New Year spent? Please let me live like a ROCK STAR through you!!  171529__bon_jovi_l

Big hair and all!!  Have a good one!!