Sunday, November 29, 2009

Counting down the days..

5 more days then this semester of college is DONE!! I so can not wait! Bye,Bye Chemistry class. I will totally skip across the parking lot after turning in the book from this class!!

As the semester is coming to a close though, the work is really piled on! I am eyeball deep, in test coming up..Chem test Friday..then time for finals. Chem, and Soci final on Monday...Wednesday Comp, and Gov final!! Dec 9th you will be able to hear my tires skid out of the parking lot!! Wonder if I'll be on the Deans List again this semester....:)

Just something kinda cool from out summer here..we had to hire a dude(sry don't remember ur name if ur reading this) to come out and fix our pond that had sprung a leak, a rather lrg leak too! Some dork (not us) that built the pond had put a faucet on the other side of the levee, the water came from the pond, pipe began to leak and to get it capped! End of story! Luckily we did not have to have the levy dug..would have costed a small fortune..and we would have had no driveway:O Big pond=big levy driveway=no driveway=water gone=a huge hole full of dead stink fish or.. the dude (sorry still can't think of ur name) (side effect of college) below...thank you lots!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I see scrapbooking in my near future....

Yeap thats right!! While Im on Thanksgiving break Im probably gona pull out the scrappin goods and see what I can come up with...It has been awhile ( I might be rusty) since I have made anything new with classes looming over me. Sounds like fun!

Today is the big day, when I walk out of the college just so you know if you hear tires squealing and dirt flying that is me, on my way home, the beginning of break!!!)

Well it is time for me to head out to classes..hi ho hi ho off to get more smart I go!! LOL (sorry)

Hmm..I might do some scrapping today when I get home....and I will surely post!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Turkey Day

Fast approaching!! Turkey thawing in the fridge...check
All ingredients bought..check
Getting out of classes tomorrow at 3:00 for break...awesome..check check

I'm suppose to be studying for Gov test right now that is tomorrow...but that is kind of hard to do when I know tomorrow after classes is the start of break!! I know that makes no since what so ever...but it is kind of like when you were a kid and the sun was shining and the birds were singing, and you just know that school was almost out for the summer....yep that kind of anxiety..hmm I just noticed something I really like using those poky dots this evening....