Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Wow, it is really starting to feel like December outside!! Cold, and windy, maybe might get to see a few snow flurries?! I have started trying to figure out what all cookies and candy I want to make to give away as well as for us to consume (of course) ( waistbands expanding)!! I love baking and sharing!! This will give me a good start on adding a item to my Christmas Journal I made! Along of course with the decorating of the Christmas trees!
2 more days till the Christmas Party at Poplar Bluff! Yes I'm counting down the days!! LOL (story in older post)

My "studio" is almost done!! YAHHH! I have been decorating it today. Hanging some photographs I have taken, and things that I have made! The room is really becoming quite cozy! Not much longer and I will post some photos! Can't wait to share!!

Well time to go and walk on my "hamster wheel" for a while!! (aka-treadmill) So until next time!!!!

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