Sunday, September 23, 2007

KungFoo Fighting!!!!!!

My TT Challenge for Moments To Remember. Its a doodle challenge, which are always fun!! This is the link go and check it out, particiapate. ANd check out all the other challenges there!!!

I need to play a game of catch up! I have been doing everything but hitting my own blog! I dug out my camera yesterday, fishing for some great photo shots and had fun, dont know about some of those shots though. The boys done some "Everybody was Kung Foo Fighting" which was a hoot.

And then we were just being goofy in the garage and taking shots!! Like a bunch of corn balls, we were!!!! LOL My Husband is going to die when he sees I put THIS ON HERE!!!

1 comment:

scrapnnMO said...

Oh I think the photo's are a HOOT! Great photo shots btw! Love your doodles on your cool LO! Great colors! tfs!