Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sara our {other child}..

For mothers day my husband bought me a sweet little Silke Terrier. Seeing I'm the only female in the house, I just had to have the little girl. She is the cuutest little thing that you ever did see, but I have got to tell you, it is like having another toddler in the house!

She is totally in love with anything shreddable! Which is driving me nuts. At night I put her in the bathroom to sleep, she has one of those doggy bed things in there, otherwise she cries standing beside the bed all night, and I get up the next morning on the wrong side of the bed {if you know what I mean}. Any who, this dog could be an alarm clock, you could set your morning by her bladder let me tell ya, about 6:30 everymorning she starts to whine, cause she has got to tinkle,NOW, and she even does one of those little dances like the kids do when they have got to go!! Any who, I drag myself out of the bed, open the bathroom door and....OH...MY...GOSH..JUMPIN...JELLYBEANS.. that dog has gotten into the bathroom cabinet and has TOTALLY made confetti out of a whole ...brand new...package of toilet paper. And of course she just looks up at me setting on her little fanny with the look of {what?} on her face.

She can find a single piece of bubble gum paper and shred it up, and you are thinking how is that EVEN possable, to make that much of a mess from that!? Now my husband says if she is chewing on something pick it up and give her a little swat on the bottom with it, and that will stop her from chewing on that stuff...

Well that is fine..but I dont think throwing confetti at her is going to accomplish much..HELLO!!

and right now she just tried chewing on the corner of the computer desk, oh I could just see me trying to pick up this enormess desk and trying to give her a swat on the bottom with that!! Would't that be a sight! LOL

Anyway if I could bottle some of the essence of this sweet little dog, my new companion, since all of my babys are now in school, I could make a small fortune to these here party companys!!!

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