Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Homecoming not happing ....

Homecoming not happening for our family this year. We are going for the quite laid back kind of week before school goes back. No fighting the crowds, no bubble gum stuck to my shoe and dragging it along behind me for half a mile. Not worring whether the carnival guys are strapping my kids into those rickety rides. Sitting here watching the pine trees sway against a clear blue sky....that's what I'm talking about......

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wanting to go camping today….

Not going today.. kids complaining…

Not going today..kids being stressful..

Not going today..cant get kids off their duffs..

Kids..we are not going camping..enough said!

Seems to be a pattern here today…. :(

Why is it as it gets closer to time for school to start back, children..well our children become more difficult? 

Just keeping it real people!! lol


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Letting it pass….

The moment I had been waiting for for 2 years happen yesterday.  My cell phone rang..

phone: Is this Alicia?
me: yes
Phone: this is TRCC RN Nursing Program, you have been selected in the program, if you don't want it we are going to give your seat to someone else.
me: thinking**(blood drains to my toes)
me: thinking**(this lady is not very friendly)
Me: I'm passing, give my seat to someone else.
phone: **click**
me: thinking**(how rude)!!

I honestly did not think I would get into the program, hundreds apply and only 30 get in. I studied my rump off in college for 2 years. Carried a 3.7 GPA, last semester I made a 4.0.