Friday, August 17, 2007

Back to School..

Time to go and buy school shoes, for the boys, which I detest doing, they are worse than a bunch of girls trying to decide on what shoes they want, and you kn0ow they always pick the most expensive pair on the rack, which they know I'm going to say no to, because yes for a couple of weeks they will stay all shiny and new, until they see that pond in our yard all sparkly, beckoning one of them to step in...IN THEIR NEW SHOES, which totally drives me nuts! Any hoo, first we went to Goodys, would you believe the kids shoes had been picked through by vultures, and someone had decied to steal a pair of shoes, I open up a shoe box expecting to see a shinny pair of new shoes..instead this stench floats out of the box, and low and behold someone performed a shoe swap, those were some very funky shoes in that box. Shame Shame. Anyway we wound up at Payless, were the name can be a misconception, and after much bickering we settled on some shoes....phew I survived.

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