Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Photo Daze….

Oh, what fun it is to take ….photos all all day!!!

I can whiz through an entire day just sitting behind my camera, (shh..and a bit of photoshop) !!! But don't tell anybody, I tell my hubby I have scrubbed house like a dog all day! And those dirty dishes in the sink are just an illusion, you can not see those!! ***waving magic wand***

Counting today I have blown a whole day sitting on the couch playing with Photoshop and watching the 600 Young & the Restlesses on the DVR!! What a great day!!

I am going to have to check my hubbys computer, I seem to have some photos missing from when we went camping with some of our buds this summer. I can just hear them screaming to come and play!!

New Year is just around the corner sum+  things from this year….

1. My 34th Bday

2. Hubbys 38th Bday

3. Tyler 11th Bday

4. Bailey 8th Bday

5. Justus 16th Bday

6. 1st year of college done (me)

7. Bought a camper

8. Morgage for 5 years (love where we live)

9. Hayrides

10. Camping with friends

11. Helping at our church

12.  new frig with freezer on bottom very cool….haha pun intended!!

13. jalapeƱos now give me indigestion **not a good thang**

14. still cant get rid of my Young and Restless obsession..hmm not that I have tried though either…

15. Justus disappeared to go live with his dad

16. tons of hugs..nuttin better!!

17. Branson at Christmas

18. Christmas cards I love getting them!!

19. my hubbys smile

20. Tyler and Bailey smashing in beside us on the couch!! nuttin better!!

21. chocolate.. thank you God for chocolate..hmm gona go get me some choco milk brb

22. christmas carols make me happy

23. and many other things I’ll keep adding…..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Look out Branson here comes the…..

Picture from the Ronald Grant Archive

Woohoo!! Today is Friday! As soon as the boys get out of school we are heading out!! Holiday Rooaaaddd!!!

Now that I have packed half the house for 4 peeps. I do believe we are ready, other than having to wait on that little thing called time!

Bailey is 8 yrs, so the last time we went anywhere he was like 3. So he has been full of those funny kid  questions….

Bay---is there a bathroom in the hotel room, or will I have to walk through the hotel to go?

Ol’ wise one----yes sweetie there is a bathroom in the room..

Bay---good otherwise you would have to go with me…

Bay---they have an indoor pool!!! cool!!!  can we go swimming in the middle of the night???

Ol’ wise one---no dear we will be sleeping…

Bay---can we have $500 to spend??

Ol’ wise one---hmm let me think a minute…NO!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A mothers psychotic episode...hidden...

As I was cutting my baby's (8 yrs old) hair tonight I looked at him... ya know was "really" looking at him. He is getting so big...how did this happen?

He wanted his hair cut like really, really short, like a haircut that I would refer to as "oops I made a mistake kind of short" so we HAD to cut it really short, kind of short. But I made no mistake other than cutting his hair the way he wanted it...which I DO NOT like..but hay its just hair is my motto and if you make a big deal about it he just may decided that he totally loves it and want to keep it that short:0

So I do a little reverse psychology and say oh that looks good..and then maybe he will think "crap(but he would never let me hear him say crap) my mom likes it?!!? I don't like this as much as what I thought" and his pretty blonde hair will grow back to a reasonable length (ie: I can't see his scalp!!) And all would be right in my world **sigh** again, and he wouldn't look so much older!

Its just not easy bein' a mama...
((((Thank you God that hair grows back)))) Amen

Monday, December 14, 2009

Nikon D90!!

nikon 90

WooHOO I just ordered a Nikon D90, and it will be here Wednesday. So I will be able to take it with me  when we leave to go to Branson! The lens it comes with is the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Zoom Lens. Which it will do for now. I just hope I can get down the basics on the baby before we leave, so I can come home with some kickin’ photos!! This will be my first SLR camera! I love photos! And taking them! My camera I was using is a Fugi Finepix, it is just below a SLR. I found the user manual online for the Nikon D90, so I’m going to do some reading before the camera gets here. Man I won’t be sleeping till after the camera gets here!! Then I won’t be sleeping cause we will be leaving to go to Branson soon after!! What a dilemma;)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Visions of Snot Sickles dancing in my head…

In case anybody other than myself is reading this (**crickets**) it is COLD out people!!   Winter has arrived!! (twilight zone music plays)

One of the funniest movies of all time!!  If its cold out I think of this   movie!!  Church tonight, not sure if we are going caroling tonight or if its next week!! If its tonight, let me just say we are going to need a Sams CLub size tissue box out there!! It is NOT gona be a pretty picture!! LOL  Anyway on to other things, since I have totally grossed you out, and you know now that I have bad taste in movies!!

Finished finals today!! WOOHOO..hmm now what do I do with my self??  Tis the season to eat junk food right?  About time to dig out the Christmas recipes…and make my pants shrink!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chemistry almost over..can I hear Amen!!

  Monday and Wednesday is finals. Looking forward to Monday, Chemistry final. The end. I could kick the book back to the book store at the college! (But of course I would never do that!)

Ha HA HA!!537px-Equine_joke If you like Chemistry…sorry!!  I have never been more happy to get rid of a class than I am of this one!! This class caused much tears, sweat, and ulcers!! Let me just say Amen that I made it through this class. We started out with 32 hopeful faces in this class, now we are down to 9 yes I said 9!! And yes…we all now have ulcers!

So what are my plans after this semester…hmm a trip to Cancun sounds about right………..yea right !! it will be more like this… lucky   cinderella_cleaningfor my family I don't mind  cleaning! I actually rather enjoy it. It has been know to become an OCD with me….family don't like that much…anyhoo I'm starting to ramble……later!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Little Retail Therapy!!!!!!!

Today after classes I finally broke down and bought some boots that I just can't get my mind off of! They are ubber cute!! And of course their boots which look hot with everyhing!! Hmm where to put another pair of shoes....(need bigger closet..santa)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Counting down the days..

5 more days then this semester of college is DONE!! I so can not wait! Bye,Bye Chemistry class. I will totally skip across the parking lot after turning in the book from this class!!

As the semester is coming to a close though, the work is really piled on! I am eyeball deep, in test coming up..Chem test Friday..then time for finals. Chem, and Soci final on Monday...Wednesday Comp, and Gov final!! Dec 9th you will be able to hear my tires skid out of the parking lot!! Wonder if I'll be on the Deans List again this semester....:)

Just something kinda cool from out summer here..we had to hire a dude(sry don't remember ur name if ur reading this) to come out and fix our pond that had sprung a leak, a rather lrg leak too! Some dork (not us) that built the pond had put a faucet on the other side of the levee, the water came from the pond, pipe began to leak and to get it capped! End of story! Luckily we did not have to have the levy dug..would have costed a small fortune..and we would have had no driveway:O Big pond=big levy driveway=no driveway=water gone=a huge hole full of dead stink fish or.. the dude (sorry still can't think of ur name) (side effect of college) below...thank you lots!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I see scrapbooking in my near future....

Yeap thats right!! While Im on Thanksgiving break Im probably gona pull out the scrappin goods and see what I can come up with...It has been awhile ( I might be rusty) since I have made anything new with classes looming over me. Sounds like fun!

Today is the big day, when I walk out of the college just so you know if you hear tires squealing and dirt flying that is me, on my way home, the beginning of break!!!)

Well it is time for me to head out to classes..hi ho hi ho off to get more smart I go!! LOL (sorry)

Hmm..I might do some scrapping today when I get home....and I will surely post!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Turkey Day

Fast approaching!! Turkey thawing in the fridge...check
All ingredients bought..check
Getting out of classes tomorrow at 3:00 for break...awesome..check check

I'm suppose to be studying for Gov test right now that is tomorrow...but that is kind of hard to do when I know tomorrow after classes is the start of break!! I know that makes no since what so ever...but it is kind of like when you were a kid and the sun was shining and the birds were singing, and you just know that school was almost out for the summer....yep that kind of anxiety..hmm I just noticed something I really like using those poky dots this evening....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love This Song!

Right now... getting ready to go to the Homecoming in our tiny town. aka-fair/carnival

Update.....now it is pouring rain, now the kids are glued to the windows wallering in self-pity as the water runs down the windows. Moaning...r-i-d-e-s, over and over.

For now so much for going to the homecoming for how! So I am looking for more videos! The 80's what could have been better than when big hair was in! And the rock music was great, and Bon Jovi was awesome!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Daze

What a great summer this has been. We have practicaly ran the wheels off of our camper! Of course all good things must come to an end. Soon it will be time to go back to college and the kids to go back to school. Not to excited about my classes this semester. I went to the college yesterday and picked up my books, flipped through them...yep they seem like real snoozer of classes! I have American Goverment, Chemistry, Computer Lit., Socialogy. The Socialogy may be interesting..but we'll see. Chemistry looks like nothin' but math...yuk!

Some of the happenings of the summer:

**camping..I love love camping!
**kayaking..fun yet a bit scary, these flip rather easy..LOL
**my brother..he seems to be getting his life together
**Our friends Steph & Phil and family went camping with us. Great time, other than the tornado warning, and everyone being rushed to the the showerhouses!
**Spring semeser..3.7 grade point
**We bought a Nintendo Wii..love love the Wii Fit
**Homecoming the 11th..I always want to squaredance, but I'm afraid I might look like a dork, no might..I would!!
**Made some cards..need to scrapbook I have tons of new photos
**Justus turned 16..he has his learning permit..you ROCK!

** Built a water garden..not done yet..
** Baseball..lots

** Car shows...they give me vehicle envy

Couldn't you just lick them! Sweet!

** You jump,I jump. Friends.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

ring*ring*ring* my DVR is calling..........

Wow, I am still here!

It has been so crazy!



Yes, it has been that long, since I have posted. Who knew that a mother of three bouncing big boys, ages 8,10,15, {who all believe that they are 30} going back to school could possibly be such a psychotic decision. Fun,yes, but still very psychotic! In case your wondering, I am not in Respiratory Therapist school as I had decided to do. (I am known to change my mind) I am in college pre-nursing, praying to get into the RN program when I have finished all of the pre-requisites. And subsequently turned my brain to pudding in the process! (college work is crazy) It gives you a new found respect for the ones who have actually tuffed it out and made it through!

Happenings here:
college (i need many naps now)
husbands business ( awesome, a God sent blessing)
child one (15, failed written portion of driving test,keep tryin)
child two ( playing baseball ) (gonna be a millionaires) he thinks:0
child three ( playing baseball) and Nintendo DS ( got for birthday)

Taking the summer off from college, I so can not wait! I'm looking forward to laying around and watching junk TV that is happening live on TV instead of DVRing the shows I enjoy..

.....lets just say that DVR is the greatest thing since SLICED BREAD!

But I must clarifiy that I do injoy college...
1.the people you get to meet...

2. the three flights of stairs I climb numerous times in a day..(toning hiney)*advantage*

3.the interesting things that I am learning..my husband gets to learn them to..yep I tell him all about it..(his eyes do glaze over at times) but I dont mind..I'm a open minded person ( you have to be, to be in college)

4. Do I miss having "pj days" from back in the day when I was a stay-at-home-mom, don't you know it! But I am adapting. There is a whole other world out there, away from doing dishes, and wiping noses,and hollering "CLEAN YOUR ROOM", that I am now aware of. (but I do miss being home)