Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ages since I've Been Here

Wow, it has been ages since I have posted here, on our lives little happenings! Everything has been so busy! And yet a crazy kind of exciting. I went on Sept. 6th and took my GED test, now am biting my nails for the next three weeks to get my test results, so that I can know I passed my test! ( yes this is me being positive) I am pretty sure I passed, most of the test was crazy easy. The math was no easy however. On part of the test you are allowed to use a scientific calculator, the other half of the test is mental comp. I could not believe it but the calculator portion of the test was harder...HARDER! And I studied like mad! But I still think I did well. Most of the stuff I studied was not even on the test.
What I am looking forward to is next fall. I am planning on going back to school to be a Respiratory Therapist! And I am so looking forward to going back to school! How funny is that...while we are kids we can not wait to get out of school, and here I am as an adult "wanting" to go back to school!

Jimmy started his own HVAC business in February. And so far it has done great! Our bills are paid, and now since he is self-employed our kids are actually going to get to know their dad. He use to work such crazy hours!

Our oldest boy has turned 15 this summer! 15 permit for driving!! So scary!! not looking forward to that at all!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday again!

Yesterday was Baileys b-day!! He was so excited! He told me when I woke him up that morning to get ready for school, that I was to sing "Happy Birthday" to him like he sung to me on mine!! Such a sweetie!!

This is his cake I made for him!! It was so good! Butter cake with cookie and cream filling and MMF! Yummy!
He also got his TV he wanted for his B-day! Happy Birthday, BayBay!! Love you!

(this is what it looks like to get what you wanted for your B-day)!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Day to me...lala la la la la

Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday! Or I could say that Im 32 with one year experience!! LOL Time sure does seem to fly by as you get older, seems like it was yesterday that I was 16, I sure do not feel "33", I still feel like a kid (probably act like one at times as well)! Which I hope is a good thing!

I made my own birthday cupcakes this morning, for tomorrow! Yum Yum! Dark chocolate cake, with dark chocolate buttercream icing...homemade here none of that box cake and icing stuff here!

Yum Yum!! Of course I had to do a taste test! These were yum! Rich dark chocolate, without the cake being to sweet, and of course the buttercream icing put the sweet to it!! YUMMY!!

And then tomorrow evening I have a birthday cake to make for youngest baby who is turning 7 on the 10th...yup his birthday is the day after mine, and my dad's birthday is on the 10th as well! LOL So we have 3 birthdays right there together(mine 9th,Baileys 10th, and my dads the 10th)!! LOL Thats a whole lota cake! Now back to Baileys cake. It is going to be a 2 tiered vanilla cake with a cookie and cream filling and Marshmallow fondant covered!! YUm YUm!! Can't wait to make it! I will have to wait till dh and I get back from Cape on my birthday! We are going to go and hang out at the mall while the kids are in school, and eat lunch at McCallisters, and of course get a little something something at the mall for my B-day! And then that evening indulge in a little cupcake fun, when the boys get home from school!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Slow to Post!!

I have been totally dragging butt here for a while! Just can't seem to get motivated lately! We have had so much going on lately, it is a blessing just to sit down and not want to move! It is cold outside today, and I'm so ready for the warm weather to get here. I'm ready for going camping, and swimming! We love going to Sam A Baker State Park, that place is so pretty, and they have hot showers! Hows that for camping! LOL

I have been slow about getting this up, but I have another class scheduled! This is for one of those cute little chipboard word books that are all the rage right now!

Date: May 3
Time: 10:00am
Place: Grants Pass Paper Craft
Cost: $25
Sign up by: April 18

Sunday, March 16, 2008

And the RAK winner is....(drum roll)

ALLthatscraps!!!! Congrats!! Email me your info and I will get your Rak out to ya!!

Thanks to all you ladies that left comments, and keep checking back for more fun going ons in the future!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Here BIRDie birdie BIRdie Bits........

iT is snowing here right now. I am so ready for many ice storms ago!!

Well I have been thinking...about creating a little fun here on my blog!! So I am going to give away a RAK (aka. scrapbook goodie) to someone who post a comment with this thread by March 14th! You will love it!! Be creative, I could use a good laugh!! LOL

Here is what I have been up to lately!! This is the new Dream Street Papers Birdie Bits!! This was my dt kit from M2R this month, and I so love these papers!! They are just to darn CUTE!!

Don't forget to check out the classes I am going to be teaching real soon below!! I hope to see you there!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Au Naturale LO

Dreaming of Spring

I'm Dreaming of those warm and sunny days in spring, sitting out in my yard at the picnic table with a huge glass of sweet tea and a really good book.

What fun!! I love making cards, I personally just have trouble giving them away!! LOL I am so ready for spring that it will not ever get here soon enough! I'm ready to go out in my yard and work in the gardens and sit out in the yard and listen to the birds sing, they always seem to be the loudest as it is warming up outside. Listening to the kids "actually" play outside before they start complaining that it is too hot out, which around here it does not take too long for that! LOL

Stepping back into reality for a moment, school is closed today, yep, again, it is sleeting outside and my thermometer says it is 10 YES 10 degrees outside! Can you say BURRRR!!! And you wonder why I'm dreaming of a warm spring day.....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Class was a BLAST ;P

Saturday the 16th was my first scrapbook class to teach!! What fun it was;P And a even bigger surprise was to discover that one of the ladies that took my acrylic book class I had went to school with! Kewl, huh!

Not only did the ladies in the class learn to use that acrylic in class, I learned something about myself as well, I use to be TERRIFIED to have to stand up in front of people and do anything!! But at the class, of course I was a little nervous, but I found I had a great bunch of ladies sitting at the tables, no reason to be nervous!! CLASS WAS A BLAST lol!! aNd lookiNG FORard TO the NeXT!

Things I'm doing today.....

working on LO"S to do for a class.

Spring Cards for a class done!! (check)

Laundry...and laundry..

wishing for spring...(ready to garden)( and tired of being cold!)

and trying hard to stick to grounding our youngest boy today, that little booger thought...well..I dont know what he thought..but to makes a long story short, Bailey went into Justus's room and tore up his stereo speaker. He has been being good about staying in his room...all far.. he even told his brother he was sorry..why kids do the things they do...he is 6yrs and in first grade, so for him staying in his room and telling the truth that he was the one who did it, I am very proud of you Bay!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It is OFFICIAL the ice storm has just taken out our electric!!! Luckily we have a fireplace for heat....unfortunatly we have to go out and split wood!!(darn our laziness)!!

Plus side at least my battery was charged on my laptop;)

Just a little mention here I came across a website earlier, Pink Paislee, and they have some of the CUTIEST scrappy items. I seen a alot of must haves there!! I would love to get ahold of some of their products!!!

My class I'm going to be teaching is fast approching!! Saturday at 10am at Grants Pass, going to be so much fun, if you havent signed up...hurry!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Snowee Snow kind of day!

It snowed!! Lots and lots of snow!! I would much rather have the snow over the rain any day during the winter!! The winter scene was taken from our living room pretty!! Bailey with his Snow Sickle!! LOL

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Celebrity Look-alike! LOL

This was fun, amusing!! Heather Locklear..look like her..LOL..(rolling eyes) LOL Have some fun go check it out and see who you look like!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Good Saturday!!

Hi!! Did some scrapping yesterday while the kids were at school, just now getting a chance to post this! Tyler had a birthday party to go to today at the skating rink, so we just got back from that! There is nothing like the sound of kids hyped up on cake and ice cream at a skating rink!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Looks like it is going to be a nice day out today!! I can actually see the sun this morning! Mornings here are so eventful! Getting these three boys going in the morning to get them off to school, can be somewhat of a challenge at times!!

I say- Breakfast is on the table, waffles with syrup...I holler from the in the distance I hear two "Ol' Yea"! (sounds of joy)( nothing like sending the kids to school with a nice sugar rush for the teacher to deal with)
(one of those voices is missing)

Bailey says- I don't like waffles i want that square cereal!!

I say- You do to like waffles!!

Bailey says- cereal

I say- Fine!! ( so I give Baileys waffles to the other two boys, of course they are thrilled) LOL

Bailey comes into the kitchen- Hey I want some waffles!! I didnt know it was those kind of waffles!!

I say- I told you it was waffles with syrup!! (remember me hollering through the house)( I was so loud I'm sure our little dog cringed!)

Bailey says- No you didnt..I want waffles , no cereal!

I...grumble as I go back to the kitchen , to make him his waffles!!

Bailey thought I was going to make them waffle wiches, which by the way he LOVES! He just is NOT a morning person...(gets that gene from his father)!! He is always the last one out of bed in the morning, the last one ready to go to school!! Normally by the time he rolls out of bed he has about 20 minutes to get ready for school and eat his breakfast!! He is not a grumpy person in the morning, his brain just is not working yet, but his eyes are open and blinking. LOL

Waffle wiches if you are wondering are pop 2 waffles in a toaster and after they are done spread one side with jam and the other with peanutbutter and put it together like a sandwitch and TAADAAA you have a wafflewich LOL LOved by all except Bailey in the morning when his brain is still asleep!!

Huge change of subject here, but I was emailed yesterday evening by Diane at Grants Pass and she said the people are all ready signing up for the acrylic class!! And she just started advertising the class yesterday evening!! AwESOME!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Ok, acrylic album is ready to go!!

Book finished....Check
Excited....Check Check!!

I just got home from "Grants Pass Paper Craft"!! And we are ready to go!! The album has been delivered, and I hope everyone gets excited...cause I sure am!! Here is the class project!!

Register: Grants Pass Paper Craft in Poplar Bluff
Date: February 16
Cost: $30.00
Supplies for class:
Clear adhesive
scissors & a paper trimmer if you have one
1 pair wavy deco scissors
6, 4x6 vertical photos - black & white prefered (looks good with the colors) but can be color photos if you wish!!
clear cd case(just the lid will work)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Today's Randomnas thoughts and should have dones, and gona have to do's!!

Monday my busiest day of the week!

Gota clean house.(gona have to do)

Scrapbook..(this is a thought)

Trying to keep the "Gota clean house" from becoming a should have done by trying to keep scrapbooking just as a thought!! LOL

Saturday, January 5, 2008


I am proud to say that I will be teaching classes at "Grants Pass Paper Craft" here in Poplar Bluff!! My first class will be an Acrylic album, on February 16 at 10:00am. Here is a sneak peek at the project

I just finished the album, and it looks awesome,can't wait to share! As soon as I get the album to the store, which will be this coming week, and give to Diane (store owner) I will post an actual photo!! And provide a bit more info!!