Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cup runith over..

When we were at the Homecoming, watching the boys ride the rides, I had one of those slow motion, cup runnith over, tear in my eye moments.

Bailey and Tyler were riding this ride called the Scrambler, and as anyone knows this thing really books it!! Those two were having the time of their lives, Laughing it up, smashed against each other..actually not fighting, for a change. In that moment the Scrambler seemed to be moving in this slow motion picture movie kind of way and all I seen and all I heard was the laughs and smiles of just those two boys. For some reason, even though they had rode that ride amillion times already, for some reason I had this dawning hit me like a ton of bricks..I wanted that moment seared into my brain, I wanted that moment to last for ever.

In my everyday life as a stay at home mom, they always do cute things, and then you have those times when, you want to slap a POSTAGE STAMP on their forehead and send them to Africa!!
But occasionally you have those moments that you never want to forget. Your mind wants to take a photo, to capture that in your memories. I love those moments.

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