Monday, March 29, 2010

pudding for brains…

I’m tired..tired of studying, but must keep going…college is pushing all the basic info clean out of my brain, I promise.

I can’t remember the simplest stuff, like Bailey had a dentist app today I couldn’t remember if they were pulling more baby teeth or just a cleaning.(ps it was a tooth being pulled) ouch) There just is not room up there for I guess stuff has to go! LOL  

I can ask Jimmy something that I really do want to know “like, what he is doing today”  I will forget and have to come back and ask again after studying for a just gets pushed straight out my ears I swear it does..I promise I am listening when someone , anyone speaks to me…my processor just is not big enough ..anyone  know how to do upgrades? My tires need rotated or my oil needs changed or my computer needs tweaked…..something

Hurry May…………I long for the day you get here……..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I think I can..I think I can

Spring is here..the sound of 4-wheelers out in the garage being tweeked!! I wana go play..(sniff sniff) but I gota study!! Darn over achiever that I am!!

How I long to complain about it being  too hot outside!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

8 going on 9

DSC_0757 copy1

Our youngest is soon to turn nine on the tenth of April. Born day after my birthday, and born on my dads birthday. The sweet, beautiful boy who almost wasn’t. This one is a great gift straight from God.

He would like something with a motor on it for his birthday. He is not expecting such a thing though because he knows it scares the spit clean out of me. And he is a momma pleaser so he does not ask for one, though he has asked for something like a little razor scooter thing that goes at a snails pace…

Me trying to not be a total party pooper, though he is not aware of it…his daddy right this minute is out looking a “his size” 4-wheeler for him. Yep it still scares the spit right out of me, but Jimmy just called me and told me he found one that has the screw in it for setting the speed, so he can still move at a snails pace!! LOL

We have a big ol’ pasture  that would make a great spot for the boys to ride. Boys…which would mean when the other has his birthday in May  he is gona have to have one too!! (There goes the rest of my spit!!) Is there a medic in the house!!???



(Bailey showing his wheels off to his cousin)

He once had something with a motor on it…which is were it all started. We had gotten him one of those Big Wheel 4-wheelers ages ago for his 3rd birthday. And it was the greatest thing since sliced bread!! He has rode that thing up until just this winter when it has finally met its doom.

I personally  thought about chasing the trash truck down the road as he carried away the little sad, one wheel hangin’ off, the plastic battery operated 4-wheeler….that one early cold spring almost made me go swimming in our very deep and cold pond to retrieve it as Bailey sat on the edge of the levy screaming as his 4-wheeler floated across the pond!! Yes I said floated!! Thank God for that. I really didn’t want to get in the pond to go on a rescue mission!! Thank goodness for our blustery spring days!! It sailed right to the other side of land!     Safe, with smiles all around!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break

DSC_1142 copy The Easter flowers are in bloom,the trees are budding. Such a beautiful day out today!

Just some tidbits:

Today Bailey and I start our violin lessons, its gona be fun.

Took the camper to the repair shop to get it all loobed, on the way ran over some big screw thing, so then had to have a tired repaired on the truck at the same time!!

Getting ready to go camping

Boys signed up for baseball, hmm was it yesterday or day before? ( one of the side effects of college, have trouble remembering the little things) LOL

My jaw is sore, I have been clenching my teeth at night due to stress, its getting better though

This semester is half over, it goes so fast!

I have been working on trying to fit everything in, as in just sitting down and reading a “real” book, not a text book, which I love and the violin lesson with Bailey will  be great.    I am so excited that he has taken a interest in something that can be so rewarding.

Justus came by yesterday seen him for the first time since Thanksgiving..

Birthdays coming soon : Bailey 10th, Me the 9th both in April

Boys got out of school at noon today, report card time