Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Photo Daze….

Oh, what fun it is to take ….photos all all day!!!

I can whiz through an entire day just sitting behind my camera, (shh..and a bit of photoshop) !!! But don't tell anybody, I tell my hubby I have scrubbed house like a dog all day! And those dirty dishes in the sink are just an illusion, you can not see those!! ***waving magic wand***

Counting today I have blown a whole day sitting on the couch playing with Photoshop and watching the 600 Young & the Restlesses on the DVR!! What a great day!!

I am going to have to check my hubbys computer, I seem to have some photos missing from when we went camping with some of our buds this summer. I can just hear them screaming to come and play!!

New Year is just around the corner sum+  things from this year….

1. My 34th Bday

2. Hubbys 38th Bday

3. Tyler 11th Bday

4. Bailey 8th Bday

5. Justus 16th Bday

6. 1st year of college done (me)

7. Bought a camper

8. Morgage for 5 years (love where we live)

9. Hayrides

10. Camping with friends

11. Helping at our church

12.  new frig with freezer on bottom very cool….haha pun intended!!

13. jalapeños now give me indigestion **not a good thang**

14. still cant get rid of my Young and Restless obsession..hmm not that I have tried though either…

15. Justus disappeared to go live with his dad

16. tons of hugs..nuttin better!!

17. Branson at Christmas

18. Christmas cards I love getting them!!

19. my hubbys smile

20. Tyler and Bailey smashing in beside us on the couch!! nuttin better!!

21. chocolate.. thank you God for chocolate..hmm gona go get me some choco milk brb

22. christmas carols make me happy

23. and many other things I’ll keep adding…..

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