Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chemistry almost over..can I hear Amen!!

  Monday and Wednesday is finals. Looking forward to Monday, Chemistry final. The end. I could kick the book back to the book store at the college! (But of course I would never do that!)

Ha HA HA!!537px-Equine_joke If you like Chemistry…sorry!!  I have never been more happy to get rid of a class than I am of this one!! This class caused much tears, sweat, and ulcers!! Let me just say Amen that I made it through this class. We started out with 32 hopeful faces in this class, now we are down to 9 yes I said 9!! And yes…we all now have ulcers!

So what are my plans after this semester…hmm a trip to Cancun sounds about right………..yea right !! it will be more like this… lucky   cinderella_cleaningfor my family I don't mind  cleaning! I actually rather enjoy it. It has been know to become an OCD with me….family don't like that much…anyhoo I'm starting to ramble……later!!

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