Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Daze

What a great summer this has been. We have practicaly ran the wheels off of our camper! Of course all good things must come to an end. Soon it will be time to go back to college and the kids to go back to school. Not to excited about my classes this semester. I went to the college yesterday and picked up my books, flipped through them...yep they seem like real snoozer of classes! I have American Goverment, Chemistry, Computer Lit., Socialogy. The Socialogy may be interesting..but we'll see. Chemistry looks like nothin' but math...yuk!

Some of the happenings of the summer:

**camping..I love love camping!
** yet a bit scary, these flip rather easy..LOL
**my brother..he seems to be getting his life together
**Our friends Steph & Phil and family went camping with us. Great time, other than the tornado warning, and everyone being rushed to the the showerhouses!
**Spring semeser..3.7 grade point
**We bought a Nintendo love the Wii Fit
**Homecoming the 11th..I always want to squaredance, but I'm afraid I might look like a dork, no might..I would!!
**Made some cards..need to scrapbook I have tons of new photos
**Justus turned 16..he has his learning ROCK!

** Built a water garden..not done yet..
** Baseball..lots

** Car shows...they give me vehicle envy

Couldn't you just lick them! Sweet!

** You jump,I jump. Friends.

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