Saturday, April 11, 2009

ring*ring*ring* my DVR is calling..........

Wow, I am still here!

It has been so crazy!



Yes, it has been that long, since I have posted. Who knew that a mother of three bouncing big boys, ages 8,10,15, {who all believe that they are 30} going back to school could possibly be such a psychotic decision. Fun,yes, but still very psychotic! In case your wondering, I am not in Respiratory Therapist school as I had decided to do. (I am known to change my mind) I am in college pre-nursing, praying to get into the RN program when I have finished all of the pre-requisites. And subsequently turned my brain to pudding in the process! (college work is crazy) It gives you a new found respect for the ones who have actually tuffed it out and made it through!

Happenings here:
college (i need many naps now)
husbands business ( awesome, a God sent blessing)
child one (15, failed written portion of driving test,keep tryin)
child two ( playing baseball ) (gonna be a millionaires) he thinks:0
child three ( playing baseball) and Nintendo DS ( got for birthday)

Taking the summer off from college, I so can not wait! I'm looking forward to laying around and watching junk TV that is happening live on TV instead of DVRing the shows I enjoy..

.....lets just say that DVR is the greatest thing since SLICED BREAD!

But I must clarifiy that I do injoy college...
1.the people you get to meet...

2. the three flights of stairs I climb numerous times in a day..(toning hiney)*advantage*

3.the interesting things that I am husband gets to learn them to..yep I tell him all about it..(his eyes do glaze over at times) but I dont mind..I'm a open minded person ( you have to be, to be in college)

4. Do I miss having "pj days" from back in the day when I was a stay-at-home-mom, don't you know it! But I am adapting. There is a whole other world out there, away from doing dishes, and wiping noses,and hollering "CLEAN YOUR ROOM", that I am now aware of. (but I do miss being home)

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