Thursday, December 17, 2009

A mothers psychotic episode...hidden...

As I was cutting my baby's (8 yrs old) hair tonight I looked at him... ya know was "really" looking at him. He is getting so did this happen?

He wanted his hair cut like really, really short, like a haircut that I would refer to as "oops I made a mistake kind of short" so we HAD to cut it really short, kind of short. But I made no mistake other than cutting his hair the way he wanted it...which I DO NOT like..but hay its just hair is my motto and if you make a big deal about it he just may decided that he totally loves it and want to keep it that short:0

So I do a little reverse psychology and say oh that looks good..and then maybe he will think "crap(but he would never let me hear him say crap) my mom likes it?!!? I don't like this as much as what I thought" and his pretty blonde hair will grow back to a reasonable length (ie: I can't see his scalp!!) And all would be right in my world **sigh** again, and he wouldn't look so much older!

Its just not easy bein' a mama...
((((Thank you God that hair grows back)))) Amen

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