Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Day to me...lala la la la la

Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday! Or I could say that Im 32 with one year experience!! LOL Time sure does seem to fly by as you get older, seems like it was yesterday that I was 16, I sure do not feel "33", I still feel like a kid (probably act like one at times as well)! Which I hope is a good thing!

I made my own birthday cupcakes this morning, for tomorrow! Yum Yum! Dark chocolate cake, with dark chocolate buttercream icing...homemade here none of that box cake and icing stuff here!

Yum Yum!! Of course I had to do a taste test! These were yum! Rich dark chocolate, without the cake being to sweet, and of course the buttercream icing put the sweet to it!! YUMMY!!

And then tomorrow evening I have a birthday cake to make for youngest baby who is turning 7 on the 10th...yup his birthday is the day after mine, and my dad's birthday is on the 10th as well! LOL So we have 3 birthdays right there together(mine 9th,Baileys 10th, and my dads the 10th)!! LOL Thats a whole lota cake! Now back to Baileys cake. It is going to be a 2 tiered vanilla cake with a cookie and cream filling and Marshmallow fondant covered!! YUm YUm!! Can't wait to make it! I will have to wait till dh and I get back from Cape on my birthday! We are going to go and hang out at the mall while the kids are in school, and eat lunch at McCallisters, and of course get a little something something at the mall for my B-day! And then that evening indulge in a little cupcake fun, when the boys get home from school!

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