Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Looks like it is going to be a nice day out today!! I can actually see the sun this morning! Mornings here are so eventful! Getting these three boys going in the morning to get them off to school, can be somewhat of a challenge at times!!

I say- Breakfast is on the table, waffles with syrup...I holler from the in the distance I hear two "Ol' Yea"! (sounds of joy)( nothing like sending the kids to school with a nice sugar rush for the teacher to deal with)
(one of those voices is missing)

Bailey says- I don't like waffles i want that square cereal!!

I say- You do to like waffles!!

Bailey says- cereal

I say- Fine!! ( so I give Baileys waffles to the other two boys, of course they are thrilled) LOL

Bailey comes into the kitchen- Hey I want some waffles!! I didnt know it was those kind of waffles!!

I say- I told you it was waffles with syrup!! (remember me hollering through the house)( I was so loud I'm sure our little dog cringed!)

Bailey says- No you didnt..I want waffles , no cereal!

I...grumble as I go back to the kitchen , to make him his waffles!!

Bailey thought I was going to make them waffle wiches, which by the way he LOVES! He just is NOT a morning person...(gets that gene from his father)!! He is always the last one out of bed in the morning, the last one ready to go to school!! Normally by the time he rolls out of bed he has about 20 minutes to get ready for school and eat his breakfast!! He is not a grumpy person in the morning, his brain just is not working yet, but his eyes are open and blinking. LOL

Waffle wiches if you are wondering are pop 2 waffles in a toaster and after they are done spread one side with jam and the other with peanutbutter and put it together like a sandwitch and TAADAAA you have a wafflewich LOL LOved by all except Bailey in the morning when his brain is still asleep!!

Huge change of subject here, but I was emailed yesterday evening by Diane at Grants Pass and she said the people are all ready signing up for the acrylic class!! And she just started advertising the class yesterday evening!! AwESOME!!

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