Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shutter moments…

Planted food today…well soon to be food..but whether it will be for us or for the deer and rabbit is yet to be seen..but hay somebody's gota eat it huh!

As husband planted, I took pics..but I did help..some!! Somebody has to take the pics!

DSC_1671 copy

This here is Sara..she was like me..happy to watch Jimmy planting the veges..so much easier..

DSC_1642 copy

DSC_1679 copy

And then this one just because I can..love the colors..

DSC_1665 copy

At this point even the dog is like…enough photos already, JEEZ!!

DSC_1673 copy

And here is the “Great Snub”

DSC_1650 copy

Blooooowwwww…..make a wish…..

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