Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just today..

Just today in Anatomy class we dissected a kidney..let me just say..if you have never done this, the smell is unthinkable!! You have never smelt urine until you have dissected a kidney!!

Let me just add if you are one of the people who eat those things…(which I am not) you wouldn’t no more!! LOL

I don’t have a pic to gross you out with, but I do have a pic of a heart that we dissected a month ago…however it is on my cell phone and I feel lazy so I’m not going to post it..

But I do have pics of my guys riding their 4-wheelers which were their B-day presents…and I love posting pretty pictures, not those gross juicy wet pics..although the boys have been going mudding in the pasture..but yet again I was lazy so I didnt get pics of that either!! DSC_1530 copy So instead you have to look at these squeaky clean pics!DSC_1539 copy DSC_1542 copy DSC_1545 copy DSC_1546 copy DSC_1547 copy DSC_1548 copy DSC_1549 copy DSC_1552 copy DSC_1553 copy

Oh and here we are at our violin concert on Saturday!! What fun! Here is Bailey the one who has the stars floating over his head!!DSC_1571 copy  DSC_1572 copy 

And then here I am….cheese!! See the “Alicia” yep that’s me right there!

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