Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthdays..ready or not here they come!

Yesterday was my birthday. For my birthday I decided I was going to

go shopping and get  myself some much needed summer cloths…so

what did I come home with, zilch! I tried on cloths for my b-day!!

Didn’t find a blasted thang that I just had to have, that sang to me,

that looked myself in the mirror and said “Daaaaaaaaaaaaang, girl

you look hot!”  My mirror self saw none of that, so me and hubby

went to Mias for lunch, yum got me some Mexican tamale, beans

and rice, and loads of chips and salsa for my b-day, them some good

beans now!! Mom came, our oldest punk showed up, it was a good


Came home pigged out on cupcakes, which I love cupcakes! And

made some homemade fried chicken strips for supper. Yum

Today is our sweet youngest baby poo-pot luv punkins sugar babies birthday. He is 9, time goes way to fast.

Seems like yesterday I was screaming my head off in a delivery room, now I find myself screaming at a now 9 yrs to pick up his stinky socks! Not that we scream cause we don’t, he is a good kid normally just ask and he does it..he is sensitive, if he gets hollered at he cries, full blown alligator tears. bailey new







DSC_0953 copy

He is having a buddy ( Seth B.) come over to stay the night. So they are going to P-A-R-T-Y!! He says they are going to stay up all night…says the one who is normally ready to go to bed by 8:30 pm!!

He requested me to make him a New York cheesecake for his b-day, which of course I did. He also has requested BBQ hamburgers, corn on cob, and green beans for his b-day dinner, which he shall is his b-day after all!!  

They love their b-days around here, they get whatever desert there heart desires, and what ever they want for dinner! They love that they get to choose their food for the day!!

b-day gifts: 4-wheeler, helmet, cloths,( no socks though who does that!! :O) money-gota love that!!

Now let me tell ya, you smash these boys together and we have a goggle of “cool beans” going on!DSC_1578

(clear photo in disguise) hahaha  hehehe!!

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