Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break

DSC_1142 copy The Easter flowers are in bloom,the trees are budding. Such a beautiful day out today!

Just some tidbits:

Today Bailey and I start our violin lessons, its gona be fun.

Took the camper to the repair shop to get it all loobed, on the way ran over some big screw thing, so then had to have a tired repaired on the truck at the same time!!

Getting ready to go camping

Boys signed up for baseball, hmm was it yesterday or day before? ( one of the side effects of college, have trouble remembering the little things) LOL

My jaw is sore, I have been clenching my teeth at night due to stress, its getting better though

This semester is half over, it goes so fast!

I have been working on trying to fit everything in, as in just sitting down and reading a “real” book, not a text book, which I love and the violin lesson with Bailey will  be great.    I am so excited that he has taken a interest in something that can be so rewarding.

Justus came by yesterday seen him for the first time since Thanksgiving..

Birthdays coming soon : Bailey 10th, Me the 9th both in April

Boys got out of school at noon today, report card time

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