Monday, March 29, 2010

pudding for brains…

I’m tired..tired of studying, but must keep going…college is pushing all the basic info clean out of my brain, I promise.

I can’t remember the simplest stuff, like Bailey had a dentist app today I couldn’t remember if they were pulling more baby teeth or just a cleaning.(ps it was a tooth being pulled) ouch) There just is not room up there for I guess stuff has to go! LOL  

I can ask Jimmy something that I really do want to know “like, what he is doing today”  I will forget and have to come back and ask again after studying for a just gets pushed straight out my ears I swear it does..I promise I am listening when someone , anyone speaks to me…my processor just is not big enough ..anyone  know how to do upgrades? My tires need rotated or my oil needs changed or my computer needs tweaked…..something

Hurry May…………I long for the day you get here……..

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