Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All in the family…..

DSC_0689 copy

This is my little dog, named Sara, who as you can see,… has issues.

1. This is the response I received when I told her she needed a bath, that she was smelling like a dog!! (I wouldn’t know why she would smell like a dog)

2. She is addicted to Milk Bone Breath Busters….(lucky for me) even though she totally denies this addiction!! (as she's chewing)

3. This dog winks!! Yes I said winks….she will stare at you and when you look at her she will wink…..totally freaks us out!

4. She loves to ride in the truck, but before I let her get in she has to “go potty” and if she doesn't have to go she gives a “courtesy pee”, she is so thoughtful!

5. She is a “nuggler” ….aka snuggler. (Hmm my spell check says this is not a word, my spell check does not live in my world.) PS..she is glued to my hip now as I type, however she is not happy cause she doesn't like my lap top…she thinks that is her spot!!

6. She also helps clean house!! She loves to “vacuum” under the dinner table when the boys are eating, again, she is so thoughtful!!!

7. She also threw up under my bed once..and came out with her tail tucked…she felt so bad for messing up my carpet…(just keepin’ it real people) 

8. She is my fur baby girl…….in a house ruled by testosterone!!!!!!!!!

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