Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pots Pots everywhere pots…

Spring has sprung in my little pottery room… my lovely spring poppies are in full bloom..these are by far my favorite!!DSC_6603 copyDSC_6618 copyDSC_6601 copy

Now don't take offence to my angry ducks…they mean no harm lol I was trying my hand at doing some sculpting

DSC_6564 copy

This bowl did not turn out like I wanted. That smear to the left was suppose to be much redder…but the red smear on the right looks great.

DSC_6575 copy DSC_6576 copy

I love how this pitcher and cup set turned out …that red smear is what I was going for on the bowl.

DSC_6590 copy DSC_6595 copy    DSC_6625 copy DSC_6630 copy DSC_6636 copy

Tea cup

DSC_6640 copy DSC_6648 copy

Them are some deer on them there mugs…lol my boys loved these!

DSC_6650 copy

ugly mugs lol

DSC_6654 copy DSC_6661 copy DSC_6669

My little tea cups …the v cut is for the tea string to hang over so it doesn't fall into your cup

DSC_6677 copy DSC_6680 copy


DSC_6682 copy DSC_6686 copy DSC_6697 copy

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we are bound together said...

You have such beautiful work! (even the 'ugly faces')