Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Letting it pass….

The moment I had been waiting for for 2 years happen yesterday.  My cell phone rang..

phone: Is this Alicia?
me: yes
Phone: this is TRCC RN Nursing Program, you have been selected in the program, if you don't want it we are going to give your seat to someone else.
me: thinking**(blood drains to my toes)
me: thinking**(this lady is not very friendly)
Me: I'm passing, give my seat to someone else.
phone: **click**
me: thinking**(how rude)!!

I honestly did not think I would get into the program, hundreds apply and only 30 get in. I studied my rump off in college for 2 years. Carried a 3.7 GPA, last semester I made a 4.0.

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My Life and Everything Inbetween said...

Hi! Love your blog!! Yeah, some people have no phone class! Good luck on your business adventure! Hope it all works out!