Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby its cold outside….

One day it is 80 the next 40!! Brrr…I’m so ready for spring! I have been trying to think of something to do for Easter as the boys are getting older, youngest now 9. Hunting eggs probably would not be at the top of their list of things to do, lol. They want to go out in the pontoon boat but baby its cold outside!!

Well if I don't get into the RN program this year, I'm going to take a semester off from college, and relax. That sounds good. Then next year take the RN exam and the LPN exam and see which one I get into, and go from there. No stress…

Hmmm now the big question…what do I want for my birthday that is April 9th I will be a whopping 36 years old…

1. the boys no fighting, all hugs and sappy! (LOL yea right) I would have more of a chance of seeing a pig fly by…

2. Must have a white cake with buttercrème icing…I can taste it now!!  Cake is a food group ya know!

3. Getting accepted into the RN program would make for a nice b-day gift.

4. If it was warm and sunny, oh and not muddy (that's a big one, I don't like my shoes dirty lol) it would be fun to go hiking.

5. I can not think of any kind of material item I would like…I have everything that I need or want. Other than cake…lol

6. a road trip would be awesome….hmm only if #1 above was applied

There is one catch to my birthday… mine is the  9th, and my Baileys is the 10th he will be 10, and my dads is the 10th as well…….Birthdays are crazy at our house, and expensive! OH!! and fattening, while all that cake excites me, my pants tend to shrink….

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