Wednesday, August 11, 2010

School anxiety ….

I can feel the end of summer anxiety rearing its ugly, ugly head!! What do I want to do before school starts back on the 17th… what do I need to get done before that day gets here!!

It is RUSHING in at Nano speeds…

I go back to college the 17th, the boys go back to school the 18th!!

Homework stress will soon be here….

Right now have apples from off our apple trees on the dehydrator, yum!!  (no pics feeling lazy)

We went to the Puxico Homecoming last night, it was hot, Bailey rode the mechanical bull, that was a hoot!!

Had a funnel cake…. $5.00 bucks for a funnel cake!! And they are shrinking!! LOL

And the squaredance band was there in full swing and they started playing Boil the Cabbages on the fiddles…… and I was like

Dude, I know how to totally play that on my violin”!!  COOL BEANS

and so can Bailey!!  Bailey was like… “We totally need to get up there and play that”!!

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