Friday, July 2, 2010

Bring on the 4th!

All the 4th of July yard light have been hung with hopes of the 4th soon being here..DSC_2430 copy The picnic table has been power washed by hubby…in hopes that soon the BBQ will be here!! With great hope that all our friends bums will soon be planted here…

The Jarrell 1st annual 4th of July BBQ…so far there are 13 of us at this here shin dig.. hopeful more to come.. the yard has been scrubbed..(well still in the process) but soon all will be ready!!DSC_2436 copy

DSC_2439 copy Boys in trees…we should all have some of these to decorate with!!DSC_2461 copy DSC_2470 copyJust one of the cypress trees in our yard by our pond… there knees raked and cleaned!DSC_2479 copy DSC_2497 copy DSC_2509 copy DSC_2519 copy

To be continued……

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